One of the biggest mysteries in the Star Wars galaxy is beginning to come unravelled. One of the major surprises in The Force Awakens was when Maz gifts Luke's original lightsaber, the one that belonged to Anakin Skywalker before him, to Rey. When last we saw the weapon, it had fallen into the abyss of Cloud City. Now, a new comic book published by Marvel is giving us answers about what happened to it in the aftermath of The Empire Strikes Back.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Marvel's Star Wars #2. Marvel recently decided to reset its Star Wars publishing line and the main title picked up right after the events of The Empire Strikes Back. In the latest issue, Lando is trying to convince Luke to go with him back to Cloud City. Luke is having something of an identity crisis, after losing his lightsaber and his battle, not to mention his hand, to Vader, who is apparently his father. Lando is playing on Luke's emotional state a bit, and says this to him in the book to convince him it's a good idea.

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"You're tight with Leia and the Rebel leaders. I need to get back to Cloud City, and they'll never let me go. But if you ask, say you want to go, need me as your guide. Cause how I hear it, you lost more than your hand there. Your lightsaber, too. Lightsabers are about the rarest thing in the galaxy these days. Losing yours had to hurt. Well, I know Cloud City inside and out, and I know where your saber ended up when it fell. Get me back there. I'll show you."

Lando may have over-promised there. Leading up to the final pages of the book, we see Luke's lightsaber falling until, eventually, someone reaches out to grab it. A mysterious hooded figure in a cloak, not unlike that a Jedi might wear, is seen gripping the lightsaber tightly on the book's final page. We can't see the figure's face, so this could lead to one heck of a big reveal in the next issue. The individual says the following.

"Skywalker, follow your destiny."

While the mystery isn't totally solved yet, it's laid out quite nicely that the upcoming issues of the book will reveal the ultimate fate of Luke's lightsaber and, perhaps, we'll learn how Maz came to possess it. But for now, there are bigger questions. Who is this mystery figure? Is it a friend or foe? Why does Lando need to go back to Cloud City so badly? We'll presumably learn a lot more when Star Wars #3 hits shelves on February 26. In the meantime, Star Wars #2 is available now. We've included an image of the issue's final page for you to check out below. This news comes was previously reported by