Today just so happens to be Father's Day. It is a day that is meant to honor all dads, even the potentially very flawed ones, like Darth Vader, for example. Being that it is Father's Day and Vader, for what it is worth, is one of the most famous movie dads of all time, Dave Prowse, who played Vader in the costume in Star Wars, decided to send out a Tweet about the holiday. The resulting exchange was priceless.

Prowse took to Twitter this morning bright and early to wish his followers a Happy Father's Day. He also slipped in the hash tag #IAmYourFather, being that it is one of the most famous, and misquoted movie lines of all time and it definitely fits the theme of the day. This could have just been a simple, sweet gesture from a member of the Star Wars universe, but this is Twitter and Mark Hamill had other plans.

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"#HappyFathersDay from Darth Vader #IamYourFather"

Hamill, who of course played Luke Skywalker alongside Prowse in the original Star Wars trilogy, got wind of the Tweet and in true Hamill fashion, decided to reply. "Thanks for thinking of me Dave! Love to you from your movie son, Mark," he said in a re-tweet. Again, that alone would be a nice, simple and sweet Father's Day exchange worthy of some fan love and would be a nice sentiment for Star Wars fans, but this is where it gets a whole lot better.

Prowse then decided to have a bit of fun with Hamill, with what might have been the absolute perfect response. "Cheers Mark let me know if you need a hand with anything," Prowse then Tweeted, with a smiley face, heart and hand emoticon. Being that Vader cut off Luke's hand in The Empire Strikes Back very shortly after it was revealed that Luke was indeed his son, that was pretty much the perfect response. It is nice to know that the two can joke around about their complex relationship all of these years later.

Hamill, as many Star Wars fans know, is an expert user of social media and is especially active on Twitter. He is constantly interacting with fans and almost always out trolling someone in some way or another, often teasing fans with fake spoilers or quippy answers to questions about Star Wars. Prowse, on the other hand, has always sort of taken a back seat to James Earl Jones in terms of the role of Darth Vader, being that Jones voiced the character and is more associated with it. Prowse was, however, the one in the suit for all three of the original Star Wars films and got his glory moment at the end of Return of the Jedi. Be sure to check out the full Twitter exchange between Hamill and Prowse below. Happy Father's Day.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott