For nearly 40 years, there has been one photo that LucasFilm didn't want fans to see from the set of the very first Star Wars movie, A New Hope. While it remains uncertain how and when this image was unearthed, it surfaced on Twitter earlier today, with Mark Hamill revealing exactly why LucasFilm wouldn't show anyone this photo. While this image doesn't contain any massive secrets, it is quite a humorous piece of Star Wars history.

A Twitter user who runs the Mark Hamill UK/France feed came across this photo, asking the actor what the "white bandeau" across his chest was, wondering if it was part of the costume or a "nipple protector." As it turns out, it was none of the above, with Mark Hamill explaining that it was actually his T-shirt. LucasFilm didn't want to release this photo, because you could see the t-shirt under his tunic. Here's what the actor had to say on Twitter in response to this photo.

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"For years Lucasfilm wouldn't release this pic-U can see the low-cut t-shirt under my tunic & I'm not wearing my leggings #StopInTheNameOfLove"

This image comes just a few days after Mark Hamill released what he believes is the first ever photo of him in costume as Luke Skywalker, on the Tunisia set during the first morning of production. The actor was just 24 years old when production started on that first Star Wars movie, with the iconic franchise now celebrating its 40th Anniversary. Festivities to celebrate the birthday are planned for Star Wars Celebration, which runs April 13 through April 16 in Orlando, Florida. LucasFilm hasn't announced what's in store for fans yet at Star Wars Celebration, or if there will be other events leading up to actual anniversary date, May 25.

Fans have been coming across a number of interesting Star Wars finds as of late. Last week, a behind-the-scenes video surfaced featuring a take from Empire Strikes Back, where Mark Hamill was bitten by a snake during a scene set in Dagobah, as he's about to abandon his training with Yoda. While Mark Hamill wasn't badly injured by the snake, the bite did certainly startle him, with the actor exclaiming, "he f---ing bit me!" Some fans pointed out that it was one of the very rare moments that the actor has ever been caught uttering a curse word. Regardless of what surfaces, Mark Hamill always seems to have a good sense of humor about these relics from Star Wars' past.

While some are still interested in the history behind this epic franchise, there are just as many more who are looking ahead to the future. Mark Hamill returns as Luke Skywalker in the highly-anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi, with the first trailer believed to debut during Star Wars Celebration. There have also been reports of Star Wars 8 reshoots that will reportedly honor the late Carrie Fisher's character Leia Organa, although that has yet to be confirmed. While we wait for more on the next entry in this Star Wars franchise, take a look at this photo of Mark Hamill on the Tunisia set of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.