Mark Hamill took to social media to share the evolution of the Luke Skywalker action figure over the last 40 years and gave some humorous commentary on the 4 Star Wars toys that he chose. Hamill is an avid user of social media and is always interacting with fans who seem to hit him up all day, every day. The 66-year old actor doesn't seem to mind and takes the time when he can to properly interact with the millions of Star Wars fans all over the world.

In a recent Twitter post, Mark Hamill shared four images of different Luke Skywalker action figures from over the years. The first one is one of the first ever Luke Star Wars action figures, which Hamill refers to as the "Generic Lemon-Haired Ken Doll Luke." That description is pretty spot on and will definitely give fans of a certain age a dose of nostalgia. Next up, he shares an Empire Strikes Back version of beat up Luke. Hamill calls this one, "Black-Haired Semi-Conscious Adult-Diaper Luke" and there's no topping that description.

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The next Star Wars toy that Mark Hamill shows off is a weird looking, almost He-Man-style of action figure that looks more like Arnold Schwarzenegger than Luke. Hamill calls this one, "Pumped-Up Roid-Rage With Balcony You Could Do Shakespeare From Luke." And finally, Hamill shows off the latest iteration of the Luke Skywalker action figure, which is the crazy realistic version from The Last Jedi. Hamill refers to this one as, "Senior Citizen Jedi Pension-Plan Future Force-Ghost Luke."

The Luke Skywalker action figures that Mark Hamill shared instantly got Star Wars fans showing off their collections of Luke figures. Some have aged better than others, but there are a ton of different versions of the character. Some fans even shared some pictures of Joker action figures as well along with some of the weirder Star Wars merchandise that's been released over the years, including Luke Skywalker Pez Dispensers and that bizarre C-3PO tape dispenser. However, one of the more impressive pictures shared was a LEGO version of Mark Hamill receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, complete with a bunch of Star Wars characters and Harrison Ford along with George Lucas.

There's been a lot of different Star Wars merchandise released over the last 40 years and Mark Hamill is well aware of it. Recently, he was asked about his least favorite of all of the weird merchandise that he's seen over the years. Without hesitation, Hamill brought up a Luke figure from The Empire Strikes Back, which features Luke and a Tauntaun that has a stomach that you can fit the tiny Luke action figure into. You can check out the running commentary on the evolution of the Luke Skywalker action figure below, from Mark Hamill's Twitter account.