Horror director Patrick Lussier answered questions for Moviehole readers this week.

Among the topics discussed, whether White Noise 2 is indeed going straight to DVD in the U.S; whether there will be a remake of Shocker or Elm Street, and whether he'll continue doing more Dracula movies....

Here's a few reader questions :

Q. From Teabag, Chicago : Yo, Question for Patrick! What's up with the straight to DVD release of White Noise 2 in the states? Why would they do that?

A. Patrick : As of me writing this there the release of the film has not been determined by Rogue. When I last spoke to the heads of the studio they had not committed either way. Why would they go straight to DVD, if they decided to do so? Well... that's a very political question and has to do with how much they think the film might make versus how much it costs to release a film theatrically. It also is determined by how much money they have on hand for releasing not just this but all the films on their slate. It doesn't reflect on the film itself, regardless of what you might think. So whether or not the film is theatrical or DVD has not been determined for a variety of reason as of this moment, Feb14th at 1:30 pm, 2007. Regardless of how it shows up, I hope people seek it out to see something different from both Nathan and Katee who are so great in the film.

Q. From Ynez : Dear Mr Lussier, I am a great fan of the Scream series. I did love your work on those. I have heard rumours of a fourth movie. Do you think there should be one? Do you think there will be one?

A. Patrick : Thanks so much. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the work. Those films were a pleasure to work on and Wes Craven is such a master storyteller he makes it very easy to cut. Regarding a 4th... I know they were talking about it back in 2005 but since then I haven't heard anything. I'm pretty sure Wes wouldn't be involved anyway so it's very unlikely that I'd be involved.

Q. From Madonna's Mole : Dear Patrick, I would like to ask about your feeling on all these horror remakes. I mean, could you imagine someone remaking say, A Nightmare on Elm Street? A. Patrick: Horror remakes are, for the most part, about cashing in on a brand name. People have heard of the original, maybe even seen it, which helps (theoretically) with the sale of the remake. I couldn't imagine remaking A Nightmare on Elm Street, no. That's a benchmark film. Nor could I see anyone remaking The Exorcist (although it was almost done as a TV movie back in 1999 by the director of the original White Noise). But there are some films that could be remade... films that have a great idea but maybe weren't as well executed as they could have been at the time they were originally made. Remake a bad movie with a good idea, not a good movie and certainly not a great movie.

Q. From Man of Destiny : Hey Patrick, I must say that one of my favorite takes on the 'Dracula' mythology came when I saw your film, Dracula 2000. I thought it was very creative take on the Dracula legend and it's been my favorite film that you have worked on. The entire trilogy I thought was very bad ass and I my question is wether or not there are plans to go back and shoot more films? I felt that the third part wrapped Dracula's story quite well but having a character like Father Uffizi in the mix leaves fans of the series wanting more.

A. Patrick : No plans to shoot any more Drac Pack movies as of now. Joel Soisson and I had talked about the continued adventures of Uffizi but after Dimension essentially dumped the last film and so many others (Hellraisers, Prophecys etc) when they left Disney there seemed to be little interest from those who finance such things to continue. It's a shame as we had discussed a series for Uffizi that would've been incredible. But that's just how it goes. If things change, maybe.

Q. Lobo asks : Are you involved at all in the "Shocker" remake? I know you worked with Wes Craven, so I thought you might be.

A. Patrick : I've heard they're remaking that but I don't know any details. Wes' original is a lot of fun, especially the end of the film. It'd be interesting to see what they do with it now that the visual effects technology has advanced so much. If Wes is involved, then I'm sure it'll be brilliant.

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