There has been talk of the popular British detective, Luther, making his way to the big screen someday, and now, Idris Elba has fanned the flames of speculation once again with the actor teasing the imminent arrival of the obsessive, unorthodox DCI to the silver screen.

While Idris Elba did state that "There isn't a real formal plan for Luther at the moment," the actor went on to add that he has "made it very clear" that he'd "like to see Luther come back as a movie." He goes onto reveal the following.

"And I can tell you this, that we are this close to making a film of Luther."

This is certainly an exciting prospect for fans of the BBC series, with many hoping for some time that we would eventually see Luther's stylish coat and unique methods of policing up on the big screen. Elba, star of both the Thor and Star Trek franchises, has been discussing the possibility of a Luther movie for years, with the actor remaining confident that the world of Luther will one day expand into cinemas.

Back in 2018, Elba revealed that the plan was for the story to grow with the actor saying "We are really advancing on getting a movie version [of the show] up on the screen. Neil is beavering away on writing this thing, and I think the remit for the film is to scale it up." He continued saying, "Luther has all the ingredients to echo those classic [neo-noir] films of the 90s like Seven and Along Came a Spider, and I think what we would like to do is use that blueprint to create Luther the film."

Elba has even discussed the potential storyline should the property ever make the leap from small to big screen, with the actor saying at the time that "It will be more murder, more Volvos, more frowning Luther... essentially we just want to try to take it to a much bigger audience and scale, and perhaps international as well."

Luther follows Elba as the title character John Luther, a passionate detective, who ends up befriending a psychopath and murderer, whom he could not arrest due to lack of evidence. Over time, the pair grow closer and often work together in order to solve various, horrific criminal cases. Bolstered by a gripping performance from Elba, the show last aired back in January 2019, with season 5 of Luther constructed specifically to pave the way for the detective's arrival on the big screen, should the opportunity present itself.

"[Season 5]'s very particular because I think it's one of our last TV instalments - I shouldn't say that as a matter of fact, but it was designed in the sense that Neil's and my ambition is to take it to a larger screen," Elba said of the fifth series at the time. "We paid attention to what we were writing in this show. If we are to make a movie, this show is essentially a segue to that." This comes to us from Sky News.

Jon Fuge at Movieweb
Jon Fuge