Arrow in the Head has confirmed with Saw IV director, Darren Bousman, that Lyriq Bent will reprise his Saw III role as Rigg in the upcoming horror sequel.

Bousman said to the site: "Yes Lyriq Bent is in fact returning... He is a great actor - and am very excited to be working with him yet again - on part IV. The story is much darker - more f**ked up - and much more psychological! Oh yeah and there is some blood too!"

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The site writes that sources working on the film indicate that Saw IV will center around the Rigg character and broke the news last week that Scott Patterson (Gilmore Girls) is starring.

Meanwhile, Bloody-Disgusting has learned from Bousman that Justin Louis has joined the cast of SAW IV. Louis is best known to horror fans as Luis, Sarah Polley's husband, in the Dawn of the Dead remake. He can also be seen in Shooter, which is now in theaters.

Bousman elaborated to the site: "I am so stoked - one reason I love this franchise is most everyone has come back on the crew. Same Costume team - same props team - same production designer - DP - AD's - basically everyone... At this point it's like one big dysfunctional family... That holds true with the cast. We have some crazy surprises in store for the fans this year. Stuff no one is expecting."

Stay tune for more casting news in the coming weeks. Saw IV arrives in theatres on October 26, 2007.