M. Night Shyamalan and Media Rights Capital have joined forces to create the Night Chronicles, which will see one thriller made per year for the next three years. According to Variety, Shyamalan will produce and write the films, but he will choose a different director for each one.

This will be the first time the director has produced something he has written without actually directing it himself. While he will create the stories and ideas to be used in the thriller, the chosen director will have to come up with a finished screenplay on his own. Both Shyamalan and MRC will retain full artistic control over the projects.

President of MRC Tory Metzger stated, "These films will be based on ideas in keeping with what has made Night so successful, and has made him unique to his time." At this time, M. Night has two ideas that he would like to turn into films. The production company will be based near Philadelphia.