Octavia Spencer introduces the latest clip from Blumhouse's Ma. The actress notes that we've never seen her in a role like this before, which is true. We've never seen her tackle a horror movie. While the new clip doesn't show some of the horror elements, the rest of the promotional material sure does. Instead, the clip focuses on Luke Evans' character warning Spencer's to stay away from his son after revealing a tracking device he had placed on his son's truck. Spencer's character gets one stern warning in the tense clip.

Ma features Octavia Spencer as Sue Ann "Ma," a lonely woman who also just happens to be a killer. She is often triggered by her troubled past and she struggles with peer pressure, bullying, and rejection. Her life begins to turn around when she befriends a group of high schoolers who initially only want her around to purchase alcohol for them. This is more than likely why Luke Evans' Ben Hawkins character intervenes and asks Sue Ann to stay away from his son Andy.

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While Sue Ann gets closer to the teenagers, they start to invite her to parties and begin to call her "Ma." Sue Ann starts to have a social life and things start to work out for a while until she starts to become obsessed with the group. After some parental involvement, Sue Ann starts to have some painful memories triggered, which is when the violence starts up. Octavia Spencer's Sue Ann looks vulnerable and broken in the Ma clip, but this is just one facet of her personality as she gets pretty intense in other pieces of promotional material.

Ma also stars Juliette Lewis as Maggie's mom, Diana Silvers as Maggie, Missi Pyle as Ben Hawkins' (Luke Evans) girlfriend, along with McKaley Miller, Corey Fogelmanis, Gianni Paolo, and Dante Brown as Maggie's friends. Production started in February 2018 and lasted one month down in Natchez, Mississippi. The movie is being produced by Jason Blum through Blumhouse Productions and John Norris. While we've seen some pretty gripping scenes featuring Octavia Spencer's Sue Ann, the rest of the movie promises to get even crazier.

Ma hits theaters next week and will have to battle with Godzilla: King of the Monsters at the box office. With that being said, a number one debut is out of the question, but the horror movie is still expected to bring in around $20 million, which should land it in the top five. Having Octavia Spencer should help in bringing people into theaters who normally wouldn't check out a horror movie. Spencer's career has gained her a loyal fan base who will check out anything the Academy Award winning actress is involved in. While we wait for Ma to hit theaters next week, you can check out the latest clip below, thanks to the Upcoming Horror Movies YouTube channel.