Movie lovers who remember watching Home Alone in the early '90s might be feeling pretty old today, as former child star Macaulay Culkin has just turned 40. Famous for his breakout role as Kevin McCallister from the classic family comedy along with a variety of other memorable performances, Culkin is perhaps the most well-known child actor of all time. All grown up and thirty years past the release of Home Alone, Culkin is now officially in his forties, reminding the rest of us that we're all quickly getting older too.

Born in 1980, Macaulay Culkin was enrolled into the Professional Children's School in New York as a young boy. When he was just four, he was already appearing in stage productions and would continue to have roles in various television shows and movies over the coming years. One of his most beloved earlier roles includes playing young Miles in the 1989 comedy Uncle Buck, which co-starred John Candy as a relative of Culkin's character.

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Of course, Culkin might be best known for his starring role in the 1990 movie Home Alone, a part that reunited him with John Candy and Uncle Buck director John Hughes. In the flick, Culkin plays Kevin McCallister, an eight-year-old boy who devises booby traps to defend his home from two burglars -- played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern -- when he is inadvertently left home alone during the holiday season. Winning a Young Artist Award for the part, Culkin would reprise the role in 1992 for the sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Culkin's fans may also remember him appearing in 1991's My Girl, which saw him co-starring with Anna Chlumsky. Famously, his character dies in the movie after when the allergic young boy is attacked by bees. Culkin was later able to showcase his dark side when he co-starred with Elijah Wood in The Good Son as a sinister, murderous youngster. In addition to these roles, the former child actor can also be remembered for appearing in Michael Jackson's "Black or White" music video and starring in movies like Getting Even with Dad, The Pagemaster, and Richie Rich.

For years, Culkin took a break from acting, though he has since returned to the entertainment business with various roles as an adult over the past several years. As an adult, he has appeared in movies like Party Monster, Saved!, and Sex and Breakfast. He has also pursued his passion for music with the launch of his pizza-themed comedy rock band The Pizza Underground, though the group has since disbanded.

We'll all get to see Culkin back behind the screen again soon enough as the now-adult actor has been cast in the upcoming new season of the popular horror series American Horror Story. The new season will also star Kathy Bates, and series co-creator Ryan Murphy has said that their two characters will have "crazy, erotic sex" on the show. We've certainly come a long way since Culkin was playing adorable and innocent young boys in classic family comedies. Happy birthday, Macaulay!