Macaulay Culkin doesn't grant too many interviews, but he recently sat down with Marc Maron on his WTF podcast where he candidly discussed his friendship with Michael Jackson. The unlikely duo apparently had a lot more in common than just rising to fame at a young age, according to Culkin. In addition, he also briefly delved into his relationship with Jackson's daughter Paris. Culkin is Paris Jackson's godfather and he is fiercely protective of her, which he makes abundantly clear in the interview.

While talking to Marc Maron, Macaulay Culkin recalled the first time that he met Michael Jackson. The two first met while Culkin was doing a performance of The Nutcracker when Jackson came backstage with Donald Trump of all people. Jackson introduced himself before Culkin's performance and then realized that he recognized him. Culkin had this to say.

"He came backstage before the show. He loved dance, he was a dance man. He came backstage with Donald Trump, because they were friendly back then. I remember he looked at me like, 'I know you from somewhere. Oh, Uncle Buck, yeah you're funny.' Then after Home Alone came out, he reached out to me and my family."

Home Alone launched Macaulay Culkin into the stratosphere at the age of 9-years old, which is something that Michael Jackson could relate to having had the same thing happen to him when he was singing with his brothers in the Jackson 5 when he was the same age. According to Culkin, the two became unlikely best friends because they understood each other. He explains.

"There's no child actor self-help group. He said, 'Do you want to hang out? Do you want to come to my house?' He was like my best friend growing up for a stretch of my life. It was a legitimate friendship."

Macaulay Culkin also revealed that Michael Jackson helped him through a rough time with his own family and alleges that his dad physically abused him when he was a child. The Home Alone actor hasn't spoken to his dad in years. Jackson was no stranger to family troubles and was also physically abused by his dad, so the two were able to bond on more than just childhood celebrity woes. When asked about the child molestation accusations leveled against the King of Pop, Macaulay Culkin says that he never saw anything out of the ordinary and maintains that Jackson just liked to hang out with youth. He says.

"I never felt uncomfortable, that was the way that he was, down to his bone marrow. It never felt weird. It was just the way that it was. I looked at him for who he was. At that point, I was pretty famous and I met plenty of famous people, his fame did not make a thing. I was not enamored by him."

Marc Maron attempted to ask Macaulay Culkin about Paris Jackson, but the former childhood actor shut him down pretty quickly. Culkin was pretty much an open book when discussing Michael Jackson, but he became fiercely protective over his goddaughter. However, he did note that she is "tall, and beautiful, and smart." He had this to say.

"I am close with Paris. I'm going to warn you now; I am very protective of her so just look out. I am a very open book when it comes to things but like with her, she is beloved by me. I'm just letting you know if we want to start going down that road it's going to be a dead-end, you know, but I mean that in the fact that I love her so much. She's tall, and beautiful and smart. It's great."

37-year old Culkin says that he's living a great life and enjoys being retired as a "30-something." Additionally, he says that he's currently writing the follow up to his 2006 autobiographical book Junior. It definitely sounds like a good time to be Macaulay Culkin. You can check out the podcast below, courtesy of Marc Maron's WTF YouTube channel.