The notoriously private Macaulay Culkin opened up about losing his virginity at the age of 15 while talking to actress Anna Faris on her podcast earlier this week, and may have given too much information. Culkin has been out and about a lot more lately since he started his own podcast and new website, appearing in interviews and discussing previous subjects that he wouldn't talk about before, including his relationship with Michael Jackson.

He and Jackson were great friends who had a lot in common from losing their childhoods to having less than desirable fathers. The Home Alone actor even went out of his way to make a March Madness "Mega Bracket" for fans of his and college basketball that doesn't really have anything to do with basketball or sports at all.

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The topic of Macaulay Culkin's virginity came up when Anna Faris asked the actor about when an appropriate age would be for his future children to lose theirs on her Unqualified podcast. Culkin said, "I was about 15, so I think that would be the youngest I'd be okay with that," before joking, "I'd say about 32. I want them to wait till they're married." Culkin does not currently have any children, but he has been dating former Disney star Brenda Song.

After he talked about his future children, Macaulay Culkin then went into detail about his own experiences with losing his virginity in a very relaxed and lighthearted way. As previously stated, Culkin said he was "about 15," at the time and said that it was "special." The actor also said that it was not weird or gross. He had this to say.

"It wasn't gross or weird. We planned it. It was warm and sticky, and I felt like, Geez, this is weird. Am I doing it right? We listened to (The Beatles) The White Album, so there you go. Am I doing it right?"

Macaulay Culkin's experience doesn't sound too much different than anyone else's first time, but several fans wish he wouldn't have used such descriptive language when talking about the experience. While that's debatable, Culkin also lightheartedly brought up that he can make "Asian jokes now," because his current girlfriend, Brenda Song, is Asian. Though he didn't mention her by name, he called her his "special lady friend" many times during the podcast, noting that she recently gave him a ham for a gift, which he loves to make soup with.

Macaulay Culkin is starting to get comfortable with his relationship with the press and a lot of it has to do with promoting his new Bunny Ears podcast. He spends a lot of his time promoting the site and podcast through interviews and Q&A sessions on Twitter and Reddit, letting fans ask just about whatever they please. His new March Madness "Mega Bracket" that many fans asked for doesn't include any college basketball teams. Instead, he pits the Gremlin monsters up against their Gremlins movie and his brother up against video game cult stars Toejam and Earl alongside Dr. Seth Green and Devin Sawa. Macaulay Culkin is living a pretty weird and awesome life these days. You can read more about what he had to say on Anna Faris' podcast regarding his virginity over at Entertianment Tonight.