Macaulay Culkin has been in the public eye a lot more over the last year, making TV appearances and showing up at his favorite independent wrestling events, sometimes even getting in on the action. Now, in a new appearance on the Ellen Show, Culkin reveals why he can't watch Home Alone and explains why he refuses to make the iconic Kevin McCallister face for fans on the street. The actor was on the show to promote his new Bunny Ears brand and podcast, which he has been promoting quite a bit lately.

Macaulay Culkin told Ellen DeGeneres that he still gets stopped all the time by fans and asked to mimic his Home Alone character putting on aftershave. Culkin, now 37, was 9-years old at the time of filming and jokingly told Ellen, "I've been there, done that already. I'm 37, ok? Ok, Mom?" It seems weird that people would even ask him to do the pose, especially since he's a grown man now, but Home Alone is a very special movie for a lot of people.

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While Home Alone is a special movie for families all over the world and a Christmas movie staple, it isn't something that Macaulay Culkin can watch. Instead of watching the movie like everybody else, Culkin just remembers what happened on the set during filming on whatever particular day a scene took place. He said, "I can't watch it the same way other people do," which makes complete sense. He also called the iconic movie "background radiation at Christmastime" and admits that people have asked to watch Home Alone with him, something Culkin calls, "flattering and creepy."

Macaulay Culkin launched into super stardom after the release of Home Alone, and soon retreated from the public eye. The fame added some drama into the young actor's life, something that he and Michael Jackson bonded over when they became friends after Home Alone came out. The two were able to discuss becoming a star at a young age as well as troubling relationships with their fathers. Not everything associated with the movie or his fame is all negative though. Macaulay Culkin still appreciates the movie, he just can't watch it the same way that we all can. Plus, not many actors like to watch their own work anyway.

Macaulay Culkin even joked with Ellen that Christmas is, "his season," because of how big the movie became. Home Alone is arguably one of the best Christmas movies of all time, so it makes sense. He also added that he tries to enjoy the holiday privately, in his own home, preferring not to go out in public too much, which is again, pretty understandable since the movie is on TV every 5 minutes during the holidays. The video of Culkin's appearance will be available later today, but in the meantime, you can check out some highlights from the actor talking about Home Alone below, provided by the Ellen Show YouTube channel.