Premier giant screen film producers MacGillivray Freeman Films announced today the start of production on the company's first 3-D giant screen film production, Water Planet: Grand Canyon Adventure, a new film that will help raise awareness for water issues around the world.

MacGillivray Freeman is producing the film with presenting sponsor Teva, an international outdoor footwear manufacturer, in association with Waterkeeper Alliance, a grass-roots advocacy organization dedicated to protecting waterways from polluters founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who appears in the film.

Marking a first in the giant screen film industry, MacGillivray Freeman Films will simultaneously release the film in two distinct versions, one for 3-D IMAX theatres and another for 2-D and IMAX Dome theatres. The content of each version will be tailored to maximize the projection qualities of each format. Water Planet will be shot entirely with original 15/70 3-D photography.

Slated for release to IMAX theatres and giant screen cinemas in Spring 2008, Water Planet highlights one of the most pressing issues of this century-the world's fresh water crisis. As Earth's population continues to expand, demands for the planet's finite fresh water supply continue to intensify. Currently more than one billion people-one in five on the planet-lack access to safe drinking water, and one third of all global diseases is related to poor water quality.

"In keeping with our mission to produce films that address major conservation issues we are proud to be producing our first 3-D film with the participation of such dedicated environmental advocates as Robert Kennedy, Teva and Waterkeeper Alliance," said producer/director Greg MacGillivray. "The world water crisis is a problem we can no longer ignore and the future of mankind will depend on our ability to embrace greater water conservation on a global scale. With the help of our partners, this film will bring major attention to this important issue to millions of people around the world."

Set against the majestic backdrop of the Grand Canyon, Water Planet will take audiences on an exhilarating 15-day river-rafting adventure down the Colorado River in the company of a team of explorers committed to bringing global awareness to the issue of water. The guides on this cinematic journey include Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the world-renowned environmental activist who is leading the charge for increased water conservation and river restoration; Wade Davis, the eminent ethno-botanist whose studies of plants and indigenous cultures in the Amazon River Basin give him a unique perspective for observing conditions along the Colorado River; Shana Watahomigie, a Grand Canyon guide and Native American of the Havasupai tribe; and extreme Team Teva kayaker Nikki Kelly, whose love and enthusiasm for her water sport reveal the joy and fun that rivers represent for recreational water users.

As presenting sponsor for Water Planet, Teva is planning a multi-million dollar marketing and promotional campaign to support the film launch. MacGillivray Freeman Films first teamed up with Teva in 2005 when the footwear company became a promotional partner for Mystery of the Nile.

"We are delighted to be working once again with the talented team at Teva to bring the issue of water to a worldwide audience," said Mike Lutz, Director of Distribution at MacGillivray Freeman Films Distribution Company. "Teva's passion for environmental issues and their marketing savvy make them an ideal partner for this exciting project. Together with the creative team at Waterkeeper Alliance, we look forward to launching a major initiative to bring attention to water issues around the globe."

Water Planet will be released under MacGillivray Freeman's Great Adventure Film brand, a series of films based on real-life adventures in remote locations that celebrate discovery of the natural world. The film is directed by Greg MacGillivray, produced by Greg MacGillivray, Shaun MacGillivray and Mark Krenzien, and written by Jack Stephens.

The MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation, founded by MacGillivray, is providing additional funding and developing educational materials for the film.