Will Forte returns to the small screen this weekend with his critically-acclaimed new Fox series The Last Man on Earth, which debuts Sunday, March 1 at 9 PM ET. While the show has been getting rave reviews, some fans may be secretly hoping for the show to fail, because the actor revealed in an interview with The Wrap that if the show isn't renewed, he will most likely make MacGruber 2 next, the long-awaited follow-up to his 2010 comedy MacGruber.

"If [The Last Man on Earth] were to ever be successful enough to get a second season, we'd probably have to wait until after that season to make it. If the show isn't successful enough to do that, we'd probably jump in right away."
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The original MacGruber wasn't a huge hit at the box office, taking in just $9.3 million worldwide from a $10 million budget. The well-received comedy did go on to earn cult status and legions of fans. Based on the Saturday Night Live skit of the same name, Will Forte starred as the title character and co-wrote the script, and when asked about the sequel's status, the actor-writer said he has a "loose outline" and that the project has a 'realistic shot' at getting made.

"It seems like we have a realistic shot at getting [MacGruber 2] made. We have a loose outline of the first couple of acts, which we're really excited about. So we've just got to flesh it out a little more."

Will Forte added that the entire MacGruber cast would return, including Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillippe, Val Kilmer, Powers Boothe and Maya Rudolph. Jorma Taccone directed the original MacGruber, but it isn't known if he would return for the follow-up. Are you excited that MacGruber 2 may finally be happening? Chime in with your thoughts below.