MacGruber may wind up being only the second Saturday Night Live movie to get a sequel, which hasn't happened since Wayne's World 2. While the first MacGruber didn't do much at the box office, it looks like MacGruber 2 is in active development with the creative team and star Will Forte. Things appear to be very early on in the process, but we have a less than subtle clue that signifies the movie very well may be getting made sometime in the future.

Jorma Taccone of The Lonely Island fame, who directed the first MacGruber, recently took to his Twitter account to declare that he and Will Forte have at least started writing the script for MacGruber 2. One of the photos that he posted featured he and Forte standing together whilst eating a burrito with text saying "MacGruber 2 Boyz!!!" over their faces. The caption stated that "The writing hath begun!" The second picture was proof of that, as it was a cover page for the MacGruber 2 script stating that it was a "super duper rough" draft. What was also interesting is that the page was dated September 17, 2016, meaning that this draft is very recent.

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Pretty much everyone involved in MacGruber has expressed interest in returning to do a sequel. While promoting the first season of his show The Last Man on Earth, Will Forte had said that his next project would be MacGruber 2, but that if the show got a Season 2, it would have to wait. The Last Man on Earth is now heading into its third season, but it looks like they may be making time for MacGruber 2. Here is what Will Forte told The Wrap last year about the movie.

"It seems like we have a realistic shot at getting ['MacGruber 2′] made. We have a loose outline of the first couple of acts, which we're really excited about. So we've just got to flesh it out a little more. If ['The Last Man on Earth'] were to ever be successful enough to get a second season, we'd probably have to wait until after that season to make it. If the show isn't successful enough to do that, we'd probably jump in right away."

Not that he was hoping the show wouldn't get a second season or anything like that, but there was a very clear desire by Will Forte to get the movie off the ground. Originally that may have been very difficult, given that MacGruber tanked fairly hard at the box office. The movie only made $9.3 million worldwide from a $10 million production budget, so it failed to break even initially. The movie has since found a pretty big cult following, which may help get MacGruber 2 greenlit somewhere. Perhaps a streaming service will see the potential in it. Netflix does have a habit of doing things of that nature and they have been investing a lot of money in original movies lately.

Movies based on Saturday Night Live sketches, as MacGruber was, often don't crush at the box office, but they rarely fail that badly. According to Box Office Mojo, MacGruber is the lowest grossing SNL movie that had a wide release, with Wayne's World being the most successful to date. Not to mention that comedy sequels tend to take a pretty big quality dip, with very few managing to be better than the original in the eyes of fans and critics. Perhaps MacGruber 2 can be one of the exceptions to the rule, assuming it actually gets made.

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