It has now been a decade since the B-movie grindhouse flick Machete hit theaters, and headline star Danny Trejo is still being asked whether a proposed third movie, Machete Kills Again... in Space!, will ever happen. In a recent interview, the actor declared that, if it comes to it, he would be more than willing to write the movie himself just to see it get made.

"Machete, Machete Kills, if Robert would ever get off his ass, he'd write Machete Kills in Space! I might write it (laughs)."
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After being asked whether he had discussed Machete Kills Again... In Space with Machete and Machete Kills director Robert Rodriguez, Trejo added, "You know I haven't spoken to Robert in a while. He's been really busy and I've been busy. Maybe I'll call him, see what's up. But I haven't talked to Robert for a while. He kind of dumped me I think... I got too big (laughs). He's great. But he's busy, he's got six kids. That will keep you busy. His kids are wonderful too."

Whilst reminiscing about the cult hit, Danny Trejo went on to share some of his most memorable moments saying, "Come on, I kissed Jessica Alba. So that's one of the highlights. Then man, I got to work with Michelle Rodriguez who is just a kiss from God's lips. She's an amazing lady. She was just so cool, so much fun to work with. We just had a blast on that set - it was crazy. I got to kill Steven Seagal! I was the only actor to ever kill Steven Seagal. Then on the second one, I got to work with Lady Gaga and Amber Heard. It was amazing, all the people that we worked with were amazing."

This is far from the first time that Trejo has stated how much he would be willing to get involved to get Machete Kills Again... In Space off the ground. "I would direct that, Machete Kills in Space," he said last year. "If I could do a movie, I would direct Machete. I mean, it would just be so much fun I would add a director, but I'd be in it, you know what I mean? I've just got some great ideas for it," he added. "I'm putting it together. I'm writing the script."

The first Machete follows Trejo as a legendary ex-army veteran, who goes on a rampage against his former boss who tried to have him killed when he sent him on a mission to assassinate a Texas Senator. The sequel, released in 2013, picks up with Trejo's character as he is recruited by the U.S. President to stop an arms dealer and a revolutionary. Both movies were directed by Robert Rodriguez and feature a whole host of A-listers including Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas, and Charlie Sheen as well as the likes of cult favorites such as Don Johnson, Steven Seagal, and Cheech Marin.

Machete Kills Again... In Space was teased in the second movie as a "Coming Attraction", and ever since has been at the tippy top of many a movie fan's wish list. Fans of the Machete star can delve deeper into his real-life in the upcoming documentary, Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo, when it debuts on Digital this summer. This comes to us from Discussing Film.