Machinima has debuted the first installment of its new 6-episode web series Chop Shop, starring John Bregar and Robert Patrick. Watch the first episode, "Raised by Wolves", which finds Porter and Caine attempting to steal a car, leading to Porter's arrest. Five years later, Porter is released from prison, determined to go straight despite Caine and Bishop's best efforts. Meanwhile, Caine feels the pressure from his rival, Grizzly.

Porter (John Bregar), a car thief recently released from a five-year stint in prison, finds himself struggling to rekindle a relationship with his former girlfriend Sofia (Ana Ayora) and their five-year old son he hardly knows. Porter reconnects with his old partner in crime Caine (Rene Moran), who's volatile and aggressive nature puts him at odds against Porter's new life.

Torn between family and friendships, Porter faces the most difficult decision of his life and realizes that to change his future he may have to relive his past.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange