Ten years after his passing, the pro wrestling community is remembering "Macho Man" Randy Savage. From his high-profile feud with Hulk Hogan in the WWF to joining the nWo in WCW, anyone who was watching wrestling during the boom of the 80s and 90s will instantly remember the Macho Man. Also a pitchman for Slim Jim, his distinct voice is still often imitated to this day, even by people unfamiliar with his pro wrestling work.

Because he was filled with so much life, his death was a big shock in 2011, and WWE fans are having a hard time believing it's been so long. Former pro wrestler Marc Mero said, "It's hard to believe it's 10 years ago today since we lost Randy Savage "One of the greatest pro wrestlers who ever lived" 2 time WWF Champion. RIP Macho Man."

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"10 years ago today we lost one the all time greats in this wonderful business we all love so very much," posted Ringsiders Wrestling. "Macho Man Randy Savage, never forgotten, always missed, forever loved, Ohhhhhh Yeeaaahhhhh Diggit."

Including some awesome artwork of the many looks of Savage throughout his career, another fan wrote: "Steve Austin in is the 7th wrestler I've done in my "50 Shades" series. The first one was Macho Man Randy Savage in 50 Shades of Madness. Can't believe it's been ten years. LONG LIVE THE MADNESS, OOOOOOH YEEEEAAAAH!!!!"

"Remembering The Cream of the Crop, Randy Poffo aka ''Macho Man' Randy Savage on the 10th anniversary of his death," another fan said. "A wrestling legend gone far too soon."

"Ten years ago today we lost the great Macho Man Randy Savage," says someone else. "I remember see the headline on yahoo 'Wrestling Legend dies' I couldn't believe it, it broke my heart. Thanks for the memories and thank you for The Madness. OHHHH YEAHHHH!!"

Another fan adds: "10 years ago today we lost one of my hero's in life, Macho Man Randy Savage. The madness was truly a larger than life figure, a man who completely changed the face of professional wrestling. The Macho Man was one of a kind; and will never be duplicated. Dig it."

"10 years ago today, the day of the Rapture, the Macho Man Randy Savage died," posits one person. "The Rapture never happened that day. Coincidence? I think not. Let us pause to remember that the Macho Man died to say us all...or at least half of us. Amen."

And another fan said, "To my pro wrestling friends... Ten years ago today we lost Randy Savage. I remember the large outpouring of sadness from not just wrestling fans but the general public. One of the best ever."

Clearly, the legacy of the Macho Man is still going strong. That's no surprise, given Randy's larger-than-life personality. There's a reason he's among the most memorable performers of all time in a business filled with over-the-top pro wrestlers. For many, Savage will forever be one of the very best of all time. Rest in peace. You can see many more tribute messages for the Macho Man on Twitter.