The Good

Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt are brilliant together.

The Bad

No Extras at all.

Filled with both old and new humor Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt play a perfectly mismatched couple in Mad About You: The Complete Third Season. Paul (Reiser) is documentary filmmaker and Jamie (Hunt) is an executive type and together they forge a life together in the big city of New York. At this point in the Third Season both actors really had their rhythms down and that is what made this show work so well. Whether we were seeing them coming to terms their lives and careers ("Escape From New York"), or Paul has to make a movie about his home life only to have Jamie upend it ("Our Fifteen Minutes"), or Paul is trying to stop his brother Ira (John Pankow) from messing up his life ("Money Changes Everything"), the humor is always simple, if not simply funny.

While this show isn't ever really mentioned as one of the groundbreaking achievements in TV history, Mad About You stood the test of time by running 7 seasons and really maximizing the comic humor between our two main stars.


No Extra Features came with this DVD.


1.33:1 - Full Screen. This may make me seem like a geek but I was really excited to see this show because it airs on KDOC every day at 4:30pm West Coast time. So I now had the perfect opportunity to judge the analog shows on TV against the digital ones in this three disc set. Well, I have got to be honest, I didn't notice very much difference between the two. Now does this mean that the DVDs are bad? I didn't say that. I just think they look almost identical to the shows I see everyday. However, I think KDOC has gone digital in a a lot of their programming and if that's the case, that would explain why these episodes look so similar.


Dolby Digital. English - Dolby Surround. Close Captioned. The audio on these discs was also similar to it's KDOC counterparts. Truthfully, I didn't really expect there to be much difference, simply because I think unless there are glaring problems, audio is harder to nitpick. I have said this before but I expect a lot from Sony products simply because of their advances in technology. Once again, I was not disabused of that feeling in my audio assessment.


This slipcase front cover features shots of Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt doing the things that couples do. Also on this cover is a shot of the New York skyline behind them. The back shows a shot of the cast, some images from the show, it offers up a description of Mad About You, and there are some minor system specs. All three discs are stored in one piece of artwork that pulls out. This one contains even more pictures of the cast, and there is also a one fold listing that describes each show and even offers up a cast list for that show as well.

Final Word

I never really paid attention to this show until it started airing on the local station of KDOC in my hometown of Orange County, CA. Right away, I know that I had missed something by not watching this show during it's 1992-1999 run. Paul Reiser has a sense of humor that is simply brilliant and Helen Hunt is always right there with him. I never felt for one moment during this 548 minute DVD that either character stole the show. In fact, I knew early on that I liked this show a lot when I didn't care whose story dominated a given episode.

I think it's a shame that they haven't released this DVD with more extras. I haven't checked out the other seasons so I have no clue as to what they offered, but I think it would behoove the creators to have Reiser and Hunt do some commentary tracks together. Also, if they really want to win some points they could even include some screenplays from the show that play on a DVD-Rom.

Mad About You was released .