What if Disney remade some of Tim Burton's scariest movies as CGI family thrillers featuring some of the studio's most iconic characters? That's what we get today in a series of spoof posters called Tim Burton's CGI Horrors from the Dizzy Vault. The posters are part of MAD Issue #10, which will be available to digital subscribers on September 28th before hitting comic retailers on October 10.

Today, ahead of the on-sale date of MAD Magazine's latest issue, we get an exclusive revealing an interior from the popular satire publication. This MAD spin gives us several CGI-remade movie posters of classic Tim Burton thrillers, featuring Disney characters, including Planet of the Aristocats, Bambward Scissorhooves, Goofyjuice, Edward Wooden Nose and Pooh Returns.

The cover of Issue #10 features MAD mascot, the iconic Alfred E. Newman, dressed as Pennywise the Clown from IT and IT Chapter 2. The mischievous nose-picker is seen stuck in a toilet, holding the scary clown's signature red balloon, waist deep in some green sewer slime. The tagline 'Everything Floats in Here' offers some vivid imagery you may not want floating around in your head. Scrawled on the wooded interior of the outhouse is Alfred's catchphrase, 'What, Me Worry?' And it all hints at the terrors contained within the pages of this latest issue, arriving for Fall and the Halloween season.

Of the Tim Burton spoof posters, the first reworks his 1990 classic Edward Scissorhands as Bamward Scissorhooves, giving us Johnny Depp as a goth version of Bambi who has scared away Thumper, Flower and his other forest friends. Second is a parody of Beetlejuice, this time with Johnny Depp taking over the Michael Keaton role, only this time he'll be called Goofyjuice. The tagline screams, 'In this house...If you've seen one Goof...You haven't seen them all.' And it promises that, 'You'll never kill his career.' In direct reference to Depp's recent career troubles. Geena Davis returns as Barbara Maitlin, but Alec Baldwin has been replaced by the frozen corpse of Walt Disney himself.

Next up is a spoof of Tim Burton's 1994 classic Ed Wood, which is a play on Pinocchio this time around, featuring Johnny Depp (once again) as the little wooden boy. The tagline reads, 'Becoming a real boy was his passion. Jiminy was his inspiration. Angora sweaters were his weakness.' Johnny Depp doesn't show up anywhere in the fourth poster, which turns Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes into a Cats mashup, riffing on the recent CGI nightmare that was the trailer for this Broadway adaptation.

The final poster turns Tim Burton's Batman Returns into Pooh Returns and features some of our fondly remembered friends from the 100 Acre Woods into Bruce Wayne and Pals. Pooh dons the cape and cowl as the Dark Knight, with Piglet taking on the sexy role of Catwoman, and Eeyore turning up as Penguin.

CGI Horrors from the Dizzy Vault Spoof Posters #1
CGI Horrors from the Dizzy Vault Spoof Posters #2

You can get your hands on a physical copy of MAD magazine next month on October 8th.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange