The Daily Telegraph has reported that George Miller's Mad Max 4: Fury Road is set to start shooting in Sydney, Australia as well as in the Outback NSW. While it hasn't been officially confirmed, Terminator Salvation star Sam Worthington is said to be starring in the film alongside the recently rumored Charlize Theron.

Pre-production is said to begin immediately, with 30 weeks of filming to be completed in Broken Hill starting June of 2010. The project is said to take two-and-a-half years to complete, and it will create thousands of jobs for Australian locals. As reported, Australian Premier Nathan Rees made it a priority to get the film to shoot in his country after losing Green Lantern, which was "an unexpected blow to the local industry."

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Director George Miller, the man behind the original trilogy, stated, ""Hollywood has cut its production in half. Big movies like Mad Max 4: Fury Road and Happy Feet are rare and competitively sought after in all the filmmaking regions of the world. The production agreements have been a long time in the making and Premier Rees and his team have worked like Trojans to ensure this substantial investment comes into this country. Not only does it help fuel the local economy but it means many talented people get a chance to practice their craft and lift their skills."

Mad Max 4: Fury Road will most likely see theater screens in the summer of 2012.