Mad Max: The Wasteland is happening, right? This summer's Mad Max: Fury Road has been one of the most well-received movies of the year by fans and critics alike. While it just barely made it's $150 million budget back in the states, it did go onto earn $368 million worldwide. And director George Miller has confirmed that a screenplay is ready. Well, don't tell that to star Charlize Theron, whose Imperator Furiosa was a breakout character and a fan favorite. She knows nothing about a proposed sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road.

Does this mean she's not returning? Way back in 2010, it was said that two Mad Max sequels were being shot back-to-back, with the second titled Mad Max: Furiosa and said to focus mainly on Charlize Theron's character. We haven't heard anything about that movie in years, and it's believed that story was merged into the final version of Mad Max: Fury Road. And it's very possible that Furiosa's tale has been told.

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At this time, Charlize Theron knows of no formal plans for her to return to the franchise. It was earlier reported that she'd signed on for Mad Max: The Wasteland, but she says that is completely untrue. The entire idea is new to her, she tells USA Today.

"What's Wasteland? This is all news to me. I have not heard anything like that."

While George Miller has teased fans with the idea of Mad Max: The Wasteland, he doesn't seem to be in too much of a hurry to let his cast in on the possible sequel. It's possible that the movie isn't as far along as the director hinted at in a previous interview, stating the following.

"We've got one screenplay and a novella. It happened because with the delays [on Fury Road] and writing all the backstories, they just expanded."

Back in April, Tom Hardy revealed that he was signed for three more films, making that a total of four new Mad Max adventures, playing a character originated by Mel Gibson. It's clear that Warner Bros. is planning on more sequels. But they have yet to announce a follow-up to Mad Max: Fury Road. Its possible that they are waiting to see how it fares on VOD and the home video market.

Some speculate that because Charlize Theron hasn't heard anything about Mad Max: The Wasteland that she is not going to be involved. And it's further rumored that the character's presence simply isn't needed, as other Mad Max movies have not followed any continuity, and have not brought back recurring characters save for Max himself. Right now, no one really seems to know what is going on with the sequel aside from George Miller, and probably won't until Warner Bros. makes the decision to green light a sequel. What do you think? Will you be disappointed if Furiosa doesn't return? Or do you think the character needs her own standalone movie?