Could we finally, at long last, be getting Mad Max 5? That's a very real possibility, according to an encouraging new rumor floating around. Before we dive into this at all and get anyone's hopes up too high, we must caution that this isn't coming directly from Warner Bros., nor is it coming from director and franchise creator George Miller. That said, there is reportedly some movement on the long-awaited Mad Max: Fury Road sequel.

Much of what has been holding up the sequel is a feud between George Miller and the studio. Basically, as is so often the case with these things, it comes down to money. Miller is suing, or perhaps was suing, Warner Bros. over money he believes he was owed over Mad Max: Fury Road. That led to a stalemate and prevented the sequel from moving forward. However, the managing editor of Fandango took to Twitter following the news that World War Z 2 had been canceled by Paramount to offer some comfort to movie lovers out there.

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"So World War Z 2 is officially dead and not happening... but.. I'm hearing whispers of another sequel that's beginning to rev its engines..."

The post was accompanied with an image from Mad Max: Fury Road, making it inescapably clear what sequel is possibly revving its engines. Unfortunately, for the time being, that's the only update we've got. In a further update, it was also clarified that there is always a chance this doesn't actually end up happening.

"Just a note that I do not have any further details apart from what is above, and, like anything, including WWZ2, there's always a chance it doesn't happen. But I am hopeful..."

It's already been nearly four years since the last movie in the franchise was released, which reinvigorated the post-apocalyptic series for a new generation. Beyond that, Mad Max: Fury Road was an astonishing critical success, garnering near-universal praise on its way to winning six Academy Awards, after being nominated for ten overall. With that, especially considering that both Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron have repeatedly voiced their desire to return, a sequel always seemed inevitable. George Miller had plans for two further movies, tentatively titled The Wasteland and Furiosa. But things aren't ever that easy in Hollywood.

Aside from the lawsuit, it comes down to math. While Mad Max: Fury Road was a critical smash, it made just $378 million worldwide at the box office. That may seem like a lot, but when taking the $150 million budget into account, that number isn't quite what studios generally hope for with massive tentpole blockbusters. Though, given the reception to the previous movie, a sequel could easily bring in quite a bit more, assuming the quality is at or near the same level. George Miller is currently working on his new movie Three Thousand Years of Longing, but he could possibly make this his follow-up project. Here's hoping. Feel free to check out the posts from Eric Davis' Twitter account below.