Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines:Access Hollywood has interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger! Listen to the big man talk about the third Terminator film what kind of catch phrases you might hear. Movie Picture

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Tough Love: The film we've been referring to as Gigli for the past few month, which stars Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez has been renamed: Tough Love.

Mad Max 4: Fury Road: Clint at Moviehole caught to a scoop about some casting rumors for Fury Road, the 4th Mad Max film:

"Extreme Sports enthusiast and Bike Champ Jono Porter tells me "Some of my friends – who are riders – just got picked up to be in the new “Mad Max” movie (“Mad Max 4 : Fury Road”). They’re going to South Africa".{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Porter told me they will be part of a large group of actors cast as Max's warrior enemies. "You know in the previous movies how they’ve got all the warriors on bikes and that in the desert, we’ll that’s what they’ll be doing this time. There is six of them, all playing warrior dudes. I was asked to be in it. They wanted me to do a back flip in one section of the film, but I just couldn’t fit it in time wise. But they seem to be hiring a lot of Australians for the movie, which is great". Sounds like a nice return to the feel of the first "Max" movies folks."

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Die Hard 4: According to Moviehole Bruce Willis commented on the rumor that Britney Spears would be playing his daughter in the next Die Hard film:

"Nice rumor. There isn't even a script yet but it's a funny rumor".

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Dreamcatcher: We've got loads of new stills from Warner Bros. Dreamcatcher! CLICK HERE

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle: The official site has been launched. Check out the Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle game, desktops, wallpaper, and the Charlie's cartoon internet adventures coming soon! CLICK HERE

Identity: The official site for the film has opened up. CLICK HERE

The Last Samurai:Dark Horizons has new set photos and a new report up! CLICK HERE

Dawn Of The Dead Remake:Variety reports that commercial director, Zack Snyder, has been hired by Strike Entertainment to direct the remake of the horror classic, Dawn of The Dead, written by Scooby Doo screenwriter, James Gunn. Production starts in June.

Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban: For those of you who may have missed it elsewhere, the thirdHarry Potter film started shooting this Monday:

Warner Bros. Pictures' "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" will commence principal photography in Leavesden, England this Monday, February 24. Joining the esteemed ensemble cast of the film are actors Gary Oldman as Sirius Black, Timothy Spall as Peter Pettigrew, Michael Gambon replacing the beloved Richard Harris as Professor Dumbledore, David Thewlis as Professor Lupin, Pam Ferris as Harry's Aunt Marge and Paul Whitehouse as Sir Caddogan.

The BBC has some new photos from the set posted! CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE, and CLICK HERE

In addition, thanks to the BBC, you can hear an interview they did with Chris Rankin, who plays Percy Weasley in the Potter films. Listen to the interview! CLICK HERE

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