Fury Road: Despite rumors that the production of the next Mad Max film would be postponed indefinitely because of the current situation in the Middle East, according to Namibian, the studio has released a one line press statement about the current situation:

"We are pushing the start of principal photography for Fury Road from summer to late fall."

The Matrix 4: According to a scoop over at Dark Horizons, the makers of The Matrix films might in fact have one more film up there sleeve:

"I'm a grip here in Sydney, part of the nearly 125 people that were crewed for the Matrix sequels over the past couple of years. I got a lot of onset time, but the cast and most of the higher-up production staffers were pretty tight- lipped about how the whole series fit together. However, one day I did grab a tidbit...Keanu Reeves was heard to remark that he couldn't believe he was going to have to do "yet another" sequel in Australia. Not a big deal, except I KNOW we were shooting a sequence from "Revolutions" that day, so that may mean that there will be fourth installment on the way... I hope they come back down here. It was a blast working with them."

Exorcist: The Beginning: A huge set report is online at CHUD. Check it out, CLICK HERE

Underworld:AICN has some new artwork and various costumes from the film up, taken from last week's Toy Fair. CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

True Lies 2: According to a few Howard Stern listeners over at Ain't It Cool, Tom Arnold was on the show this morning stating that he's meeting with James Cameron next week about the new script for the sequel to True Lies.

"On Stern this morning, Tom Arnold was saying there was a sexy strip tease in Cradle 2 Grave, not in True Lies 2. He's meeting with Jim Cameron next week, and he's seen a script, but they were talking about side boob shots, and great ass work, and that would be in the movie that he was promoting and had filmed already, not the movie that hasn't started filming yet."

The Lord Of The Ring: Return Of The King: Remember last year when New Line Cinema got fans excited for The Two Towers by attaching a small preview of the film after theatrical releases of Fellowship Of The Ring? Well, according to confirmation by Coming Soon, New Line Cinema has NO plans to do this for Return Of The King. Though, that doesn't mean we won't see a trailer for the film soon.

Halloween 9: According to several different site, the Halloween 9 rumors that flooded the internet last week are untrue.

Big Fish:The Montgomery Advertiserhas a full set report about the street they shut down in Wetumpka for a scene in Tim Burton's next film, Big Fish. CLICK HERE

Martin Scorsese: According to Dark Horizons, Martin Scorsese recently spoke about other period pieces he'd like to make:

'I've worked on something for about 15 years now. It's kind of the story of my family. My mother and father's family coming from Sicily, settling in America, settling in New York. My father's generation, and my generation. Really, it's the story of the immigrants. I'd like to be able to do that. I'm a little too close to that, though. I need a little time. That will be quite interesting, I think.''

Mission Impossible 3: David Fincher is out as director and according to Variety, NARC director Joe Carnahan has stepped in to fill his shoes!

Spider-man 2:Superhero Hype has gotten word on some shooting information about Doc Ock's Lab in NYC:

"Starting April 12th to 13th, 'Spider-Man 2' will be filming in New York City at Columbia University. The 14th and 15th of April, there will be filming in Forest Hills, Queens. The 17th of April will be shooting in Chinatown off Pell and Doyer Streets. The 21st to 23rd, the film will be shooting at the Hayden Planetarium which will serve as Octavius' labs. On the 26th filming will be taking place at Carmine and Bleeker Streets.The dates of the 16th, 19th-20th, 24th, and 27th to 30th of April are still unknown, but probably used for rain dates and reshoots while the film is in New York City."

He-Man: Looks like He-Man might be coming to the big screen yet again, according to Toy Fair Magazine:

"The success of the Cartoon's Networks' He-Man and the Masters of the Universe could mean could news for fans - or detesters - of the 1987 live-actioner. are in talks to reignite the "He-Man" film franchise with the first in a series of live-action Masters of the Universe films, the first which will be released Christmas 2004. "No Dolph Lundgren folks this time, and No campy He-Man goes to Earth storyline either. The new film will start from a fresh, telling the story of how Adam turned into the unstoppable He-Man. Newly conceived characters from the Cartoon Network's current series will also be incorporated. ToyFare has learned that Eric Christian Olsen is one name being branded about for the lead, He Man, with everyone from Tim Roth and Jude Law favoured for the role of Skeletor."

Darkness Falls 2: According to Movie Hole, writer Joesph Harris hasn't been contacted about a sequel to Darkness Falls...yet:

"I know it's been discussed, but nobody's asked me yet". Instead, Harris is rumored to be involved with a new "Children of the Corn" movie, as well as eyeing off a possible film adaptation of DC Comics series, "Sugar and Spike". Says Harris, "I suggested Sugar and Spike myself... ahem... I've actually compiled a list of non-A-listers who could realistically (in my opinion) get made because of one really good reason or another. Most people (not you) would be shocked at how nowhere some of these things that get optioned, or already exist in development, are going. Just because they wear spandex, guys, and stem from a comic book, don't assume the Spider-Man factor is evident and you've got a potential movie hit on your hands! That being said, I'll keep the forum posted on how things go. I am talking to a Warner Brothers company about potentially doing something over there. And though I wish it was, it most certainly isn't a Batman movie. Though mine would rock. "

Thanks to 'Clint'

Movie Picture{44} In a bit of TV news, Reuters has confirmed that J.K. Rowling and Ian McKellen will both star in an upcoming episode of the animated comedy, {45}, which is set in England:

In the episode, Rowling will meet beer-guzzling Homer Simpson and his family when they visit England to find a girl with whom Grandpa Simpson had a wartime fling.

'The Simpsons' bump into J.K. Rowling outside a bookshop and they talk all about Harry Potter," Don Payne, executive producer of the cult cartoon told the Sun newspaper.

The episode will also feature "Lord of the Rings" star Sir Ian McKellen, the paper said. The family go to see him perform the Shakespeare play "Macbeth," but bring him bad luck by saying the play's name aloud -- in defiance of a well-known theatrical superstition. This leads to the actor being hit by scaffolding and then struck by lightning."

Stay tuned...