Before Mad Max: Fury Road hit theaters two weeks ago, the last Mad Max movie was 1985's Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Obviously it's been a long road to the big screen for director George Miller's apocalyptic adventure, but what if Mad Max: Fury Road had come out just a few years after Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in the late 1980s? Playback Collective has put together an "80s style trailer" for the sequel, featuring the old school Warner Bros. logo and the synth music that was quite popular in that era. Here's what Playback Collective had to say on YouTube about the video.

"With this trailer we delve into important questions, such as what would Fury Road's color grading look like if this movie was shot on film in the late 70's or early 80's? Will there be synth music blasting in the background? Will Dario Argento do a special cut for Italy? We honestly don't know! But it sure does look awesome."
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The video even includes the 1980s production company Cannon Films, which is in no way associated with the movie, but the inclusion of this logo is just a fun little nod to the time period. The music is from Power Glove's track "Vengeance," which perfectly captures the essence of 1980s cinema. Take a look at this 1980s trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road, before checking it out in theaters again this weekend.