Mad Max: Fury Road is gearing up to start shooting in early 2012, although it seems they won't be filming in the city of Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia.

The production company Kennedy Miller Mitchell (KMM) reportedly pulled out because the recent heavy rains in the area have affected the arid landscape which director George Miller wanted to utilize. Here's what the mayor of Broken Hill, Wincen Cuy had to say about the production leaving his city.

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"This decision hasn't been taken lightly by KMM... but nature's caused it, nothing else has caused it apart from nature. What we're saying is that... from a community's point of view, and from trying to take Broken Hill into the future, yeah it is disappointing.""

We reported back in March that two movies, Mad Max: Fury Road and Mad Max: Furiosa will shoot back-to-back starting in early 2012. It seems Wincen Cuy is still hoping that the city will be used for the second movie, Mad Max: Furiosa.

"Let's look at the long term future; if there's going to be a Mad Max Four, it's better to be made (so) then we possibly can get some input into Mad Max 5, or have Mad Max 5 (filmed) here."

It isn't clear where Mad Max: Fury Road will be shot now, after pulling out of Broken Hill.