Welcome to today's edition of Nerd Alert, where we have all the quirky, nerdy news that you crave in one convenient spot. What do we have in store for you on this wondrous Wednesday? Kingsman: The Secret Service gets an honest trailer, fans spot a baseball inaccuracy in Straight Outta Compton and Jurassic World gets the LEGO treatment. We also explore the evolution of Star Wars prequel costumes. But first, it's the Mad Max GoKart Paintball War! Sit back, relax and check out all that today's Nerd Alert has to offer.

Mad Max: Fury Road GoKart Paintball War!

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To promote their upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road video game, WB Games has teamed up with YouTube star Devin Super Tramp to create a wonderful new short film that reimagines George Miller's modern classic with go-karts and paintball guns. We also have a behind-the-scenes video that shows how they made all of these go-karts.

Kingsman: The Secret Service Honest Trailer

Screen Junkies' Honest Trailers crew turned their attention to one of the year's biggest hits, Kingsman: The Secret Service, for this week's installment. This humorous four-minute video pokes fun at the Kingsmen's overt references to the James Bond franchise, Samuel L. Jackson's "Mike Tyson meets Tweety Bird voice," and much more.

Straight Outta Compton Mocked For Historical Inaccuracy

There is a fairly large cross-section of the movie going public that loves to spotlight any sort of error or inaccuracy in any movie, but they only tend to make news if said movie is incredibly popular. It shouldn't surprise you then that last weekend's box office champ, Straight Outta Compton is being taken to task by a number of sports fans, who found an historical error in a scene set in 1986. The scene in question shows Jason Mitchell's Eazy-E wearing a Chicago White Sox baseball hat, but the problem is he's wearing a hat that didn't debut until 1991. For those wondering what the scene would have looked like with the proper hat, check out this side-by-side comparison from Twitter user Dan Worthington

Real Fake History Tackles Pacific Rim's Battle of Hong Kong

Machinima's hilarious web series Real Fake History takes us inside the Battle of Hong Kong in Guillermo del Toro's 2013 classic Pacific Rim. One of the battle's iconic scenes is when the Jaeger Gypsy Danger grabs an oil tanker to use as a weapon against the kaiju monsters. What Gypsy Danger couldn't have known is there was still a man on board this tanker during the attack, who somehow survived to tell his tale.

Jurassic World Told In 90 Seconds Through LEGOS

If you've been scouring the web for a 90-second version of Jurassic World told through LEGOS, then you're in luck, because the Brotherhood Workshop has created just what you're looking for. This actually is quite a concise video that hits all of the main points you'd expect in a hilarious way, so for anyone looking for Cliff Notes version of Jurassic World, check it out.

Star Wars Costumes Evolution Infographic

Star Wars Prequel Costumes Infographic
Star Wars Costumes Infographic

HalloweenCostumes.com has put together two informative infographics that break down the evolution of the Star Wars costumes. There is one infographic for the prequel and another for the main trilogy, where they examine each main character's distinct looks for each individual film.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Mashes Up Donald Trump With Batman Animation

Earlier this week on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the talk show host was covering Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign stop in Iowa, where he gave kids a ride in his helicopter. One of the young children asked if he is Batman, which lead Jimmy Kimmel to splice in audio from Donald Trump's recent interviews with footage from Batman: The Animated Series. If the video wasn't hilarious enough, Kevin Conroy, who voiced The Dark Knight on Batman: The Animated Series, took to his Twitter account yesterday in response to Donald Trump's Batman story.

Princess Mononoke Gets the 8-Bit Cinema Treatment

Cinefix is back with their popular 8-Bit Cinema series, with this latest installment showcasing Hayao Miyazaki's 1999 classic Princess Mononoke. While the 8-bit graphics don't give the legendary director's gorgeous animation any justice, it's still an entertaining look at the beloved film.

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