Next month, AMC bids farewell to their first big hit series, when Mad Men returns with its final seven episodes starting Sunday, April 5. Last week, AMC released a series of tribute videos, with celebrities such as Gary Oldman, David O. Russell, Gayle King and many others paying tribute to the show. Today, AMC has released five new videos, featuring the stars of Mad Men reflecting on their characters' journeys throughout the 1960s.

Jon Hamm discusses Don Draper's big secret, that he is really a man named Dick Whitman, as his facade begins to erode throughout the series' run. Elisabeth Moss talks about how Peggy Olsen rose from a secretary to a copywriter and her evolution as a person. We also hear from Vincent Kartheiser about how Pete's cockiness eventually becomes his downfall, Christina Hendricks on Joan's ambition and John Slattery on Roger's awakening.

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Unfortunately, the cast members don't shed too much light about the final seven episodes, but they all express how wonderful the experience of working on Mad Men truly was. How do you think this critically-acclaimed series will come to an end? Take a look at these videos below, and chime in with your theories about what will happen in the last episodes of AMC's Mad Men.