AMC confirmed today that its hit drama series Mad Men is coming to a close with Season 7. The final season will consist of 14 episodes, as opposed to the series' normal 13-episode run, which will be split into two seven-episodes halves.

The network is employing the same split-season strategy it has employed with The Walking Dead and, most recently, the final season of Breaking Bad. The first seven-episode stretch, dubbed "The Beginning," is set to debut in the spring of 2014, with the final seven episodes, "The End of an Era," airing in the spring of 2015.

Here's what series creator Matthew Weiner had to say about how this format will help the writers craft a better story.

"We plan to take advantage of this chance to have a more elaborate story told in two parts, which can resonate a little bit longer in the minds of our audience. The writers, cast and other artists welcome this unique manner of ending this unique experience."

This has already been a huge week for AMC, after yesterday's announcement that The Walking Dead is getting a spin-off series slated to debut in 2015. Does the network have any more blockbuster announcements in store for us? Stay tuned to find out.

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