Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the most beloved movies to come out in a very, very long time. So rare do blockbuster movies connect with both the movie going public and critics in the way Mad Max was able to, which is truly something special. That being the case, it seemed inevitable that there would be some attempts to capture a little of that lightning in a different bottle. The team behind the new movie Mad Shelia decided to just seemingly remake it on the cheap with Asian actors.

The trailer for Mad Sheila recently made its way onto YouTube and is truly something to behold, especially if you are a fan of Mad Max: Fury Road. Maybe not a good something, but it is something. There have been many spoof movies made in the past, it is not a new concept. For 300, it was Meet The Spartans. For The Hunger Games it was The Starving Games. You get the idea. Those movies took the general premise of a blockbuster movie and played with it a bit. Mad Shelia looks to be a poorly attempted, borderline shot-for-shot- remake of Mad Max: Fury Road trying to pass itself off as a spoof.

The Mad Shelia trailer is only about a minute long, but in it, we see plenty of homages, if you can call it that, to George Miller's modern day masterpiece Mad Max: Fury Road. There is a female protagonist, but this time she seems to be more sexualized and less of an awesome, feminist icon like Charlize Theron as Furiosa was. There are lots of crazy outfits and post-apocalyptic vehicles, but they were definitely slapped together with much less attention to detail and aren't nearly as cool. Also, the movie appears to be one long car chase with brief pauses for dialogue and whatnot, but even the car chase takes place on a paved road. Something like this might be considered flattering if it weren't so clearly insulting. Even the poster (which you can check out below) is virtually a carbon copy of the Mad Max: Fury Road poster.

Director George Miller has stated in the past that he has a script ready to go for a follow up to Mad Max: Fury Road, but he has also been non-committal to the idea that he would be rushing to start up production on another movie in the franchise. We reported a while back on a rumor that started production was gearing up for a prequel movie called Mad Max: The Wasteland, but there has been no word on it since. Instead, we get this. So, while we wait for another legitimate trip to the world of Mad Max, we can watch Mad Shelia. Or at least watch the trailer for Mad Shelia and maybe not watch the actual movie.

There is no word on when, if or how we will be able to see Mad Shelia in the U.S., but surely it will find a way onto a streaming service at some point. Netflix will probably see the potential in something like this immediately. For now, you can watch the first trailer for this Mad Max: Fury Road ripoff, Mad Shelia, for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott