Mike Allred's undead superhero Madman may be nearing readiness for it's adaptation to the screen. In an interview with Newsarama, Allred spoke about the status of the flm.

Allred said:

We're on what I hope will be the final polish of the screenplay. Some of the notes we got back have been addressed, and have been very useful to where the screenplay is much stronger. Now, we're concerned there might be a Screen Actors Guild strike! (laughs) So we're waiting to see if we have something we can put into production soon. I can say it's as close to a launch as it ever has been.

In the comics, Madman was a hitman by the name of Frank Einstein. Frank was killed in a car accident, and then stitched back together and resurrected by a pair of mad scientists. (Just like Frankenstein's monster, and Frank's name is a pun on Frankenstein.) The resurrection left Frank with superpowers and amnesia of his previous life, other than that he was fascinated with comic books. After his resurrection, Frank became Snap City's only superhero.

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