According to The Hollywood Reporter, Maggie Q is going to play the title character in the CW's Nikita reboot.

Maggie Q's casting is particularly significant because it switches up an iconic character historically portrayed as Caucasian. Initially it was done by Anne Parillaud in Luc Besson's 1990 film. Then Bridget Fonda took the reigns in 1993's Point of No Return. Lastly, Peta Wilson starred in the 1997 USA Network series.

The premise of the new show sees "Nikita being trained to replace the original one after she goes rogue." This allowed creator Craig Silverstein an opportunity to change up the stereotype.

The hiring of Maggie Q in "Nikita," from WBTV and McG's Wonderland, marks the highest-profile series role for an Asian actress on a broadcast drama series. It will also be the highest-profile CW minority casting in the network's four-year history.