The King of the Monsters is getting ready to invade one of the most popular games on the planet. Magic: The Gathering has announced a new partnership that will bring Godzilla, and other Toho monsters, to the game in a new set arriving this spring called Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. The company has debuted the first card online, as well as a couple of additional monster cards from the upcoming release.

This first kaiju card features Godzilla, albeit not in his most traditional form. The card showcases Bio-Quartz Spacegodzilla, a hulking version of the iconic monster with fiery red, massive shoulders and a mean-looking grin. Mothra, King Caesar, Mechagodzilla and others will be available in these upcoming sets as well and can be used in play, just like any other Magic card. Mark Heggen, product architect at Magic: The Gathering, had this to say about it.

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"We grew up watching Godzilla and for years we'd wanted to create a set that captures the scale and excitement of those classic giant monster movies. All Magic sets have monsters of some variety, but we wanted to dial things all the way up and express that building-smashing, shake-the-ground, 'run!' type of drama that those movies do so well."
"We built a brand-new world called 'Ikoria' to be a playground for our own new batch of gigantic monsters, and then at some point we decided to just invite the biggest, baddest monster of all to join us. We've never done anything like this before, but for this set the idea of having Godzilla and his friends crash the party just felt natural."

The cards will be available to players who purchased draft booster packs and Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths collector booster packs. 16 Godzilla cards in all will be made available in English, with three additional cards being produced only in Japanese. Speaking further, Mark Heggen explained that, once these cards are in play, they work very much like a Godzilla card should.

"It's so fun to have these iconic characters I grew up with make a guest appearance in my favorite game. And then once they hit the battlefield they do just what you'd expect, specifically smash things. It's been amazing seeing what happens when we try something this new in the game, and I hope some of our players out there have fun with it."

Magic: The Gathering has been around since 1993 and has since become wildly popular around the world. To date, more than 20 billion Magic cards have been produced. Last year, we learned that Netflix is producing an animated series based on the game, with Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo on board to produce.

Godzilla, meanwhile, remains a staple of the pop culture landscape. Last year's Godzilla: King of the Monsters brought him back to the big screen after several years away, and the monster is set to return in Godzilla vs. Kong, which is currently scheduled to arrive in November. These new Godzilla cards will also be available in Magic: The Gathering Arena, the free-to-play digital version of the game. Be sure to check out the new cards for yourself. This news comes to us via The Hollywood Reporter.

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