Magnolia Home Entertainment has some big Blu-ray plans.

Magnolia Home Entertainment announces first wave of releases on the new Blu-Ray format available at retail and on-line on October 10, 2006. The launch slate will contain a number of award-winning feature films and spectacular original programs designed to maximize the high definition format.

Bubble, brought to life with startling realism by Academy Award®-winning director Steven Soderbergh, is the story of three middle-America factory workers whose mundane lives are changed by a local murder. Bubble was shot in high-definition for HDNet Films and features audio commentaries by Soderbergh and Mark Romanek, as well as a high definition making-of featurette from HDNet entitled "Higher Definition: Bubble Episodes."

Along with Bubble, Magnolia is releasing critically-acclaimed titles on Blu-Ray including the Academy Award® nominee for Best Documentary Feature and Independent Spirit Award® winner Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, the controversial Independent Spirit Award® nominee The War Within, the HDNet series Bikini Destinations: Triple Fantasy, HDNet World Report Special: Shuttle Discovery's Historic Mission, HDNet's exclusive high definition coverage of Space Shuttle Discovery's launch in 2005 and the talent-filled One Last Thing....

Hailed as "an amazing piece of work" (Richard Roeper, "Ebert & Roeper") that is both "shocking and chilling" (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times) as well as "terrifically entertaining" (Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal), Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room delves inside one of history's greatest corporate scandals unveiling a story of epic greed and deception that is "as riveting as a Shakespearean drama" (Claudia Puig, USA Today). The true story of how top executives at America's seventh largest company walked away with over $1 billion, Academy Award® Nominee Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room also earned a Grand Jury Prize nomination at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. The Blu-Ray special features include an audio commentary by Writer/Director Alex Gibney and a high-definition making-of-featurette from HDNet entitled "Higher Definition: Enron Episode Highlights."

"A knock-out nail biter" (Richard Corliss, Time), garnering two Independent Spirit Award® nominations for Best Screenplay (Ayad Akhtar, Joseph Castelo, Tom Glynn) and Best Supporting Actor (Firdous Bamji), The War Within explores the harrowing transformation of a Pakistani man into a suicide bomber and the moral dilemma he faces over acting upon the demands of his destructive mission. With an unflinching look at the complex moral, religious and political decisions behind a terrorist act, director Joseph Castelo "deserves credit for staring hard at difficult subject matter" (Ned Martel, New York Times). The War Within Blu-Ray disc includes an audio commentary by writer/director Castelo and writer/actor Akhtar.

On Bikini Destinations: Triple Fantasy, HDNet combines some of the world's most beautiful women with some of the world's most beautiful locations into a fascinating, high-definition travel experience. The series takes viewers around the world with top bikini models as they set sail on a series of sexy adventures.

In HDNet World Report Special: Shuttle Discovery's Historic Mission, HDNet provides exclusive high-definition coverage of Space Shuttle Discovery's launch in 2005. The special also includes extensive live coverage of events surrounding the launch. The highest quality coverage of a space shuttle launch ever recorded, HDNet World Report Special: Shuttle Discovery's Historic Mission contains riveting footage from mission control completely uninterrupted by commentators.

One Last Thing... is a heart-wrenching comedy which features an all-star ensemble cast including Emmy® winner Cynthia Nixon ("Sex and the City"), Michael Angarano (Sky High), Sunny Mabrey (Snakes on a Plane), Gina Gershon (Face/Off), Nelust Wycelf Jean (The Fugees) who also performs the film's theme song, and Gia Carides (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), among others. Directed by renowned music producer and Director Alex Steyermark, the Blu-Ray DVD also includes bonus features such as director commentary and a special high-definition episode of the HDNet television show "Higher Definition" featuring interviews with the actors and the director.