In today's very touchy social climate, catcalling is an absolute no-no. It doesn't matter if you're Tom Selleck, Magnum P.I., or simply dressed as such. A group of over 45 men dressed as the famed Hawaiian detective learned that the hard way at a Tigers game in Detroit this past Saturday.

The large group of men were celebrating as part of a bachelor party when they were told by security that they had to leave the Detroit Tigers game. The men were all dressed in Hawaiian shirts, mustaches, and Tom Selleck's signature Detroit Tigers ball cap. The site of this army of Magnum lookalikes was certainly something to behold. But the ringleaders for the group deny they ever did any 'catcalling', as it were. And don't want to be accused as such.

Joe Tuccini is getting married soon, and it was his best man's bright idea to have the gang dress up like Thomas Mangum from the hit 1980s TV series. They were seen carrying a cutout of Tom Select as well, which also got the boot from Tigers ballpark. Each member of the party also had their game tickets fully revoked.

Joe Tuccini stood up for his army of Magnum lookalikes. He admits that they were being loud, perhaps a little rowdy. But there was never any catcalling. He explains.

"I'll admit we were loud and obnoxious, but saying it was catcalling was an exaggeration. No one did. We just went to the game and had a good time and took pictures with whoever wanted. All of a sudden security asked us to leave and we didn't make a big deal about it."

Tuccini, who hails from Allen Park, claims that every member of his bachelor party paid for their ticket to enter the game. They stayed for about an hour before security was all up in their business. In the Sixth Inning, it became clear that they were getting the boot. Many of the Magnums were quite upset by the whole ordeal. And you can hear them booing security in some of the viral videos that are floating around. Joe went onto say that security didn't seem too concerned once the army of mustached men were safely outside.

"They were cool about it and were joking with us after we were outside. We just hopped back on our bus and went to Bucharest for shawarmas."

The Magnum, P.I. cardboard cutout was also a problem for the gang. They were told to leave it outside but managed to sneak it into the ballpark. It was stolen, retrieved, and ultimately forgotten. But it still found its way back to the men by the end of the night. And even made it to the shawarma restaurant.

"We were told we couldn't bring it in but I held onto it. We ended up forgetting it and one of the police officers brought it back out for us and held it in the air in victory as he was part of the party. One person tried to steal it before my brother tackled him. Getting kicked out made it all the more fun."

All in all, the group seemed to have a great bachelor party, even if their Tigers game was called short. You can watch some of the mayhem in the video below.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange