According to Variety, Bollywood helmer Mahesh Bhatt will make a film about the July suicide bombings in London that left 56 people dead. His aim is to show Islam as a religion of peace.

Hindi-language pic Suicide Bomber will star Bhatt's son Rahul as one of the bombers, the director said, adding that shooting of the 50 million rupee ($1 million) pic will start in June in London and India.

"I will attempt to bring out the virtues of Islamic living and also show how the state can sometimes be a demon. The film will delve into the heart and mind of a suicide bomber," said Bhatt.

The July 7 attacks in London hit three subway trains and a double-decker bus.

The dead included four suicide bombers, all Muslims. Three of them had Pakistani parents and were born and raised in Britain.

Bhatt is known for tackling bold scripts, often inspired by Hollywood.