Ever since George Miller has begun auditions for Justice League of America, the question as to who was going to be playing the greatest heroes on Earth has dominated superhero news. For a while there, it seemed like every young actor had been up for one role or another. But according to /film, a cast list is almost ready to be released by Warner Bros. And we have a few sneak peaks below.

Warner Bros. is set to officially announce the cast list next week, although it seems likely that they may make an announcement this weekend at Wizard World Texas.

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So, without further ado, let's take a look at the cast list.

Superman: Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) is set to play the role of Superman. Porter has also been seen in Music and Lyrics, and he just completed filming the role of Racer X in the Wachowski brother's Speed Racer. Scott Porter is from Omaha, Nebraska, 29 years old, and looks about as all-American as you can get. He is a little young looking for the role of Superman, but depending on who else has been cast, that may be not be a problem.

The Flash: Adam Brody (The O.C.) has been cast as The Flash. For Justice League of America, The Flash is Wally West, the third person to take the identity of the Flash. Justice League of America supposedly begins with the funeral of Barry Allen, the Silver-Age Flash. Wally West is his nephew who gained super-speed abilities and served as Barry's sidekick - Kid Flash. After Barry's death, Wally takes over the identity of the Flash to honor his uncle and mentor. David Dobkin is signed to direct a Flashspin-off once production of Justice League of America is complete, and it is likely that Brody will carry the role over to that film.

Green Lantern: Common (Smokin' Aces) will be assuming the part of John Stewart. John Stewart is one of numerous humans who have been the bearer of the Green Lantern power ring, an artifact that allows the wearer to create anything they can imagine - so long as they have the willpower to control it. John Stewart was the Green Lantern featured in the Justice League cartoon. While Greg Berlanti is set to direct a Green Lantern film following production of Justice League of America, early rumors suggest that the feature will be about Hal Jordan, the Silver-Age Green Lantern, and not John Stewart.

Finally, it had long been rumored that Teresa Palmer (Wolf Creek) was being considered for the role of Wonder Woman. According to the rumors being released this weekend, that is no longer the case, but Palmer still has a part in the film. Palmer is set to play Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Batman's enemy, Ra's al Ghul. Ra's is the leader of a worldwide crime empire, and was featured as the villain of Batman Begins. In comics, Talia is an on-again, off-again love interest for Batman. Her loyalties to the man she loves and to her father often come into conflict. In the comics, she has also conceived a child with Batman.

We'll keep our ears to the ground, and let you know as soon as there is any more Justice League of America casting news!