Movie PictureMayday, mayday, mayday! We're going down!

It is finally here! The long awaited trailer for Planet Of The Pugs!

Captain Peter Howl has crash landed on an uninhabited planet...or is it? What does live here in this primitive land? Only the trailer will tell! This action packed spoof teaser is sure to get you excited! There's no time to waste! Watch the Planet Of The Pugs trailer today!

Movie PictureComing Soon! With the {2} dead and never ever coming back, we here at Lights Out have made the final decision to embark into a new series! We will base this new series within the relm of our first film {3}! There is no title for the series yet, but details are sure to come very soon!

An apocalyptic zombie infested world and only a few survivors...yes you've seen it before in films like Night of the Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead, etc., BUT you've never seen it like this before!

That's it for now! Time to go and watch Blow! Go watch Planet Of The Pugs right now!

Stay Tuned...~Brian