Making a Murderer became instant must see programing the moment it hit Netflix this past December, and it's grown to be one of the biggest original hits in the history of the streaming giant. As infuriating as it is captivating, viewers have not been able to stop talking about the docu-series. The show follows the legal woes of Steven Avery. He is a man charged for a crime he says he didn't commit. He was first imprisoned for twenty years after he was found guilty of a /bill-cosby-felony-sexual-assault-prison/rape. Finally proven innocent after his long stint in jail, he was a free man for only a very short amount of time, as he was once again accused of another horrible crime. He soon found himself back in prison for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach. Steven Avery has maintained his innocence in the latter case, with Making a Murderer tracking his plight.

Now, after many viewers have watched the series, which claims that police framed Steven Avery for the murder, the man is alleging that he knows the true identity of Teresa Halbach's killer. And it will come as a shock to anyone who has binged all ten hour long episodes. Steven Avery is blaming his own brother, Charles Avery.

TMZ has reportedly obtained court documents, which find Steven Avery making this claim against his brother. He says that Charles has a history of aggression towards woman who visited their junkyard, owned by the Avery family. He goes onto say that Charles was known for following women to their homes, where he would seek contact. This made them fear for their safety. There are complaints of inappropriate gifts, and that Charles would call certain women over and over again, even showing up unannounced on their doorstep.

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The events in Steven Avery's documents are said too have happened within one month of Teresa Halbach's disapperance. Avery goes onto claim that Charles' criminal conduct in regards to his wife in the past definitely sets a precedent for violence against woman. Many wonder how come, if Charles did it, there is so much evidence pointing to Steven. Steven says that Charles had his own motive to frame his brother, hoping to remove him from taking over the family business. The documents go onto say that Charles was jealous over the multi-million dollar reparation settlement Steven was about to receive for his wrongful imprisonment in the earlier rape case.

These new allegations just serve to throw one more wrinkle in a case that is already filled with twists and turns. If Charles is found guilty of killing Teresa Halbach, that could also greatly affect the case against Steven's nephew Brendan Dassey, who first claimed that Steven had forced him into helping him assault and kill Teresa, statements he later retracted.

There is no way to say whether or not Steven is at all accurate in his accusations. Making a Murderer has captivated a nation, creating reasonable doubt in Avery's defense. But many are claiming that the Netflix series did not tell the whole story. Right now, Charles Avery is not being arrested, and the allegations are only allegations. There is no sign yet that Steven Avery's case will be overturned, or if he'll be a free man anytime soon.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange