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Another "making of" Star Wars Episode II is out! Wedgie Em' Out takes us on a little journey through the process of making Obi Wan's ship for the new film! From sketches, to models, to the final George Lucas stamp of approval, this little documentary shows us the ins and outs of designing a Jedi ship as well as how to get a star next to your name over at the ranch.

R4? What's that? An R2 counterpart obviously, but what his his role? Hopefully he'll be serving up drinks while Lights Out waits in line for tickets to this next Star Wars blockbuster.

Movie Picture If you've got any love for Star Wars definitely check out Wedgie Em' Out!

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You gotta love this stuff! Edward Gross and Thomas R. Sanders have created a series that is brilliant! It strikes an evil chord in your blood lusting super hero veins as you watch the story unfold! What is it you ask? It called Dark Commandos. "The Dark Commandos ("DC") are a team of vampires working as an elite covert assassination and special ops unit for the United States government."

I have to say it. Pure genius. I know the premise sounds like something our good friend javascript:void(0|Joe Nelson would post in our Movie Ideas Forum, but trust me, Dark Commandos will knock your ass out!

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Jason X! Well, sort of...

This week at Ain't It Cool we got a glimpse of a supposed model of what Jason will look like in his new Cyborged body. I guess this is "cool", but in my opinion they should never even made the last Friday The 13th flick.

In other horror movie news Joblo's Movie Emporium has done a really cool interview with the creator of the Child's Play series. Check it out! Click this.

The making of the new animated fairy tale, Shrek is online! This thing has probably been on some TV special somewhere but if you missed it here it is again!

Death's End is coming so soon it's disgusting. Be a zombie. Click the undead carcass to the left for details.

Stay Tuned...~Brian

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