Kevin Smith used the lockdown to complete the script for the sequel to his 1995 cult classic movie Mallrats. The filmmaker has been active on social media teasing fans about the details of the project. One question that many fans have is whether Ben Affleck will reprise his role as Shannon Hamilton in the upcoming film. In a recent interview, Smith seemed hopeful that Affleck will be returning for Mallrats 2.

"Well Shannon Hamilton is definitely in the script. He's not like a main character who pops up all the time and stuff ,but he helps set our plot in motion. It's a smaller part than Ben had in Reboot. So my gut instinct is if he was willing to do that large part, he might be probably willing to do the small part as well. You know, I guess it'll depend where we shoot it and stuff like that. But I hope so."
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Shannon Hamilton appears not just in Mallrats, but in two of the movies that are a part of Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse cinematic universe of interconnected comedy films. He was arrested at the end of Mallrats for having sex with an underage girl and carted off to prison, where it was implied that he was molested by the other inmates.

Hamilton was mentioned in passing in Chasing Amy, where Alyssa Jones says she had sex with him in college, and the video of their encounter was broadcast all over campus. The Kevin Smith character was finally seen on the back of a milk carton in Clerks: The Comic Book, with the implication being that Shannon had escaped prison and was plotting revenge against Brodie.

Smith is good friends with Ben Affleck, who has appeared in many of his movies in different roles, making his return for the Mallrats sequel fairly likely. In fact, everyone that Smith has asked to be a part of the movie so far have responded positively.

"We had a great time on Reboot, the Chasing Amy scene on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot was just everything to me and for that movie. So hopefully fingers crossed he'll come back, but everybody is in the script. Everybody gets to come back. Whether they choose to come back or not is another thing. But I just had Ethan Suplee on the podcast and I was on his show, American Glutton. Sounds like he's coming back. Shannon [Doherty] read it, she loves it and sounds like she's coming back. Jason Lee read it and loved it, so it sounds like he's coming back. So finger crossed. Nothing official obviously, but so far I'm getting more yesses and I've yet to get a no, so that's a good thing."

Considering that Mallrats was a movie that made the careers of many of its cast, it is no surprise that they would want to return for the sequel, even if it is in smaller parts. Fans of Affleck will also be happy to see the actor taking a break from serious roles to return to comedy movies. This news comes from