Mallrats 2 will be bringing back the entire original cast. Kevin Smith previously teased that Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, Shannen Doherty, and more were coming back, but this is the first time that he has confirmed that everyone will take part in the sequel. Smith was able to complete the screenplay for the long-awaited sequel earlier this year and it looks like he hopes to get to work on the movie in 2021. You can read what he had to say below.

"Looks like we're heading toward it now in 2021, which is very exciting for us. It takes place 25 years after the original and features the entire cast, [and] a new cast of characters as well. It's about Brodie and his daughter and the death of the mall. The Brodie that we met in Mallrats has only been proven right in life. The world came around to his way of thinking. So, based on that, Brodie never really had to grow up and now, at this juncture in time, we face the moment when he might actually have to become an adult."
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Jason Lee's Brodie character was always going to be the focus of Mallrats 2. Lee reprised the character in last year's Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, which was one of the very first scenes shot for the movie. Ben Affleck also found some time to show up in the reboot after he and Kevin Smith repaired their relationship. As for returning for Mallrats 2, Affleck asked for a role bigger than a cameo. The actor told Smith, "Better be more than one scene cameo, dude. Put me in a lot." Shannen Doherty, Jeremy London, Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, Claire Forlani, Jason Mewes, Michael Rooker, and Smith himself were members of the original cast, along with many others.

Over the summer, Kevin Smith addressed the official title of Mallrats 2 when he announced that he was going to let fans decide. Twilight of the Mallrats has been Smith's title for quite a while now, but it seems social media has given him some other ideas, with Mallrats Too being at the front of the list. The director/writer has yet to settle on an official title and it seems like he'll have a bit more time to figure one out with the help of the fans.

Mallrats was not the hit that Kevin Smith and the studio had hoped it was going to be. The 1996 movie barely made $2 million and was immediately trashed by critics. Smith spent years apologizing for the movie. He says, "It died at the box office and it's gone within a week. I was the whipping boy, the sophomore slump of the year. All of that stuff. So, for years, I referred to Mallrats jokingly and jokingly apologized for it."

After Mallrats was released on video, it became an instant cult classic. Clerks and Mallrats are often considered to be Kevin Smith's best work and fans have been waiting for more sequels for decades now. It appears that Smith is ready to get back to work with the original cast, though it might be a bit longer before they can all get in the same room together. The interview with Smith was originally conducted by Entertainment Weekly.