Director Kevin Smith continues to add more and more cast members for his upcoming sequel Mallrats 2, with original Mallrats stars Joey Lauren Adams (Gwen), Renée Humphrey (Trish) and Sven-Ole Thorsen (LaFours) coming back to reprise their roles. They join director/star Kevin Smith (Silent Bob), Jason Mewes (Jay), Ethan Suplee (William), Jason Lee (Brodie), Stan Lee (Himself), Michael Rooker (Mr Svenning), Shannen Doherty (Rene) and Jeremy London (T.S. Quint). What's interesting is it seems the director is bringing even more actors from Mallrats on board than originally planned.

When Kevin Smith revealed that Jeremy London was coming back last week, his tweet said "8 down, 4 to go," implying that he has four more Mallrats cast members left to add. However, when the director announced Sven-Ole Thorsen's casting today, he said, "11 down, now 4 to go." Two of the main Mallrats cast members that have not been confirmed yet are Ben Affleck (Shannon) and Claire Forlani (Brandi Svenning), and it's possible that the director may also bring back Priscilla Barnes as the topless psychic Ivannah.

As for the final cast member, it could be the filmmaker's producing partner Scott Mosier, who played Mr. Svenning's assistant Roddy. The director confirmed on his Smodcast podcast with Scott Mosier today that Roddy will be back for Mallrats 2. The director also gave an update about his progress on writing the Mallrats 2 script, which could go into production earlier than planned.

"I'm almost done writing Mallrats 2, and it looks like we may be able to shoot it by the end of this year, which would make it 20 years after the movie came out. I'm writing the scene right now, the return of Roddy, and he has the same headpiece."

Kevin Smith initially said that Mallrats 2 will shoot in early 2016, after he films Clerks III, Hit Somebody and Moose Jaws. Now it seems they may be able to shoot this year, but we'll keep you posted with any further updates. Take a look at Kevin Smith's tweets below, which also includes a casting tidbit for Clerks III, and stay tuned for more information.

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