Kevin Smith is making good on his promise to deliver Mallrats 2 as his next film, announcing today that the first draft of the screenplay is finished and that the official title of the movie is MallBrats. While the writer/director didn't offer any new plot details, the title surely hints that the original characters will be bringing some of their children into the mix this time around. The filmmaker also used this moment to remember original Mallrats producer Jim Jacks. He says:

"20 years in the making. 113 pages fulla old friends & new jokes. This is for you, Jim. Wish you were here. #MallBrats"
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Jim Jacks had always wanted to make a sequel to the original Mallrats. Saldy, he passed away a little over a year ago. His untimely death helped motivate and push Kevin Smith to see the film become a reality. At this time, the sequel does not have a release date. It will begin shooting sometime before the end of the year, possibly before the end of summer.

The confirmed cast members for MallBrats include Kevin Smith (Silent Bob), Jason Mewes (Jay), Jason Lee (Brodie), Stan Lee (Himself), Michael Rooker (Mr. Svenning), Shannen Doherty (Rene), Jeremy London (T.S.), Renée Humphrey (Trish), Joey Lauren Adams (Gwen), Sven-Ole Thorsen (LaFours), Ethan Suplee (William), Bryan Johnson (Steve Dave), Walter Flanagan (The Fanboy), Brian O'Halloran (Gil Hicks) and Scott Mosier (Roddy). Claire Forlani, who played Brandi Svenning, is being targeted for lockdown, and it's possible that Priscilla Barnes will return as topless psychic Ivannah. Kevin Smith also hopes to have Ben Affleck join in just for a very small cameo, but doesn't know if the actor will be able to do it due to his Batman commitments at Warner Bros. While we await the next cast confirmation, take a look at the director's tweet: