Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles director Jonathan Liebesman has signed on to direct Man at Arms, which was first announced back in October 2010. Producer Basil Iwanyk's Thunder Road Pictures has picked up the project, which offers a much different take on the legend of King Arthur. The news comes just a few weeks after Warner Bros. started production on their own King Arthur tale, entitled Knights of the Round Table. As it turns out, though, both project will not have too much in common.

Man at Arms follows a much older Sir Lancelot, as he feels remorseful for his affair with Queen Guinevere, which ended up destroying King Arthur's Camelot. The story, which Deadline compares to Clint Eastwood's Western classic Unforgiven, finds Lancelot trying to make amends for the affair. Echo Lake originally acquired the project as a pitch from writer Jeremy Lott back in 2010, but the company is no longer involved.

Basil Iwanyk will produce alongside Aperture Entertainment's Adam Goldworm and Bryan Brucks, with Erica Lee serving as an executive producer. Jeremy Lott is also co-writing an untitled Robin Hood project for Sony, along with Cory Goodman, which, coincidentally, going up against Warner Bros.' Robin Hood: Origins, which is being written by Knights of the Round Table scribe Joby Harold. Man at Arms reunites director Jonathan Liebesman with producer Basil Iwanyk, who both collaborated on Wrath of the Titans together.