The FBI is now investigating a man with a jetpack who was spotted by pilots in Los Angeles. People are now wondering if some of Tony Stark's Iron Man tech is actually real. An American Airlines flight was first to radio the control tower noting that they saw a "guy in a jetpack" at 3,000 feet above Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday (August 31st). It is believed that the man was about 30 yards from the plane.

Another plane also spotted the mysterious man with the jetpack shortly after the American Airlines pilot called it in. "We just saw the guy fly by us on the jetpack," the crew told the traffic controller. Other flights were warned to be cautious of the man with the jetpack who was close to their altitude and dangerously close to previous flights. The FBI is now looking into the matter to figure who this person is and where they got the Iron Man technology to get that high in the air.

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The FBI is now "working to determine what occurred," on Sunday evening. The Federal Aviation Administration also confirmed receiving news of the man with a jetpack over LAX. "Two airline flight crews reported seeing what appeared to be someone in a jetpack as they were on their final approach to LAX around 6:35 p.m. Sunday," spokesman Ian Gregor said. "The FAA alerted local law enforcement to the reports and is looking into these reports." So far, it is a mystery as to how a man in a jetpack was able to get that close to LAX without being detected.

While it sounds like something out of a movie like Avengers: Endgame or The Rocketeer, jetpacks are very real. Former Swiss Air Force pilot Yves Rossy created a winged jetpack that allows a single pilot to fly, but they have to be launched from another aircraft, like a helicopter or plane. The company Zapata has developed something that looks like a flying skateboard, which gives off some extreme Back to the Future vibes. JetPack Aviation Corp is one of the only known companies to have an actual jetpack that is worn like a backpack.

JetPack Aviation has proven that their tech works by having Chief Executive David Mayman flying around the Statue of Liberty five years ago. However, there are only five of them in existence and they're not for sale. People are obsessed with flying like Iron Man or just flying in general. In 1982, Larry Walters, aka Lawn Chair Larry, hooked up weather balloons to a lawn chair and armed himself with a bb gun to shoot out the balloons to descend. However, Walters did not expect to go up to 15,000 feet and violate national airspace near LAX. Walters was badly sunburned and freezing from the altitude. He miraculously landed safely after hitting some powerlines in Long Beach, California. Magician David Blaine just recreated the stunt without a lawn chair. The Los Angeles Times was one of the first outlets to report on the man with a jetpack flying around LAX like a real-life Iron Man.