San Diego Comic-Con is almost upon us and DC is aiming to have an extra-large presence this year. Marvel Studios is sitting this year out, so DC has the chance to completely dominate Hall H, and with the trailer for James Wan's Aquaman making its debut and David F. Sandberg planning something for Shazam!, it's looking like a slam dunk. Additionally, there have been whispers about Gal Gadot dropping by to share some kind of Wonder Woman 2 surprise. These are all pretty huge on their own, but a new rumor suggests that the announcement for Man of Steel 2 could be made as well.

Revenge of the Fans editor in chief Mario-Francisco Robles was recently on the El Fanboy Podcast and he claims that DC wants Henry Cavill in attendance for San Diego Comic-Con. Could this be for the long awaited announcement of Man of Steel 2? Cavill has teased his return to the role a few times over the last handful of months. He revealed that there have been some pretty "big" talks about the sequel back in April, and just last week he teased a return to Superman strength on social media.

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While an appearance by Henry Cavill at Comic-Con could be for the announcement of Man of Steel 2, DC could also want him there for another reason, which is to introduce the Shazam! trailer with David F. Sandberg and presumably Zachary Levi as well. Another rumor that has been going around for months is that Cavill has a cameo in Shazam!, but that has yet to be confirmed by anyone officially. Plus, that seems like the type of thing that the studio would want to keep secret for as long as possible.

Either two scenarios could work, but DC might be taking a bit of a break on Man of Steel 2, especially if the reports about Matt Reeves' The Batman are true. Warner Bros. and DC Films are reportedly waiting to see how the future DC movies do, which would include Aquaman, Shazam!, and Wonder Woman 2, before approaching the project. They could very well be doing the same thing with Superman after the failure of Justice League at the box office.

Mario-Francisco Robles' report is unconfirmed, so we'll just have to take it with a grain of salt for now. However, that does not mean that DC isn't trying to get Henry Cavill down to Comic-Con. A Man of Steel 2 announcement would obviously be huge, but Cavill coming out to introduce the Shazam! trailer would be incredibly helpful to David F. Sandberg's project, and would get DC fans incredibly excited. Regardless, even if Cavill doesn't make an appearance, DC is going to have a huge weekend come the end of July. You can check out what Mario-Francisco Robles had to say about the matter at Revenge of the Fan.