One enterprising fan is tired of waiting for Man of Steel 2. So, they've edited together an epic trailer for what this standalone adventure might be. And it's the film Superman fans have been waiting for! Brainiac and Metallo show up to battle Kal-El in a sequel imagined to be directed by George Miller of Mad Max Fury Road fame. We're sure he'd do a lot better given the opportunity. But this is still a fun diversion while we all await the return of Krypton's last son.

Warner Bros. is clearing Justice League 2 out of Bruce Wayne's path so that Ben Affleck can make his Batman standalone adventure earlier than expected. At the same time, it appears that DC's first child Superman can get no love. He was killed off in Batman V Superman, a movie that was supposed to be his sequel. And Kal-El won't be present for much of Justice League's first and second act, as the Dark Knight joins Wonder Woman in a quest to unite the world's MetaHumans. We're no closer to hearing Man of Steel 2 get announced than we were back when the original opened in 2013. And many believe it simply won't happen.

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There was a period of time when Zack Snyder was said to be directing Man of Steel 2. He definitely had the opportunity, but it was his idea to pit Kal-El against billionaire Bruce Wayne in the sequel that eventually turned into Dawn of Justice. Now, there have been persistent rumors that George Miller will direct Man of Steel 2 for DC Phase 2, which will kick off sometime in the next decade. At 71 years old, George Miller might not feel much like flying with Superman by the time 2020 rolls around.

This fan-made sequel trailer, which arrives from the We Got This Covered Youtube Page, brings back most of the original cast with Henry Cavill reprising his role as Superman along side Amy Adams, Joel Edgerton, and Russell Crowe. Superman faces his greatest threat yet as he battles his greatest villains, Brainiac and Metallo in what would surely be a blockbuster crowd pleaser, if it were real. This is truly the movie DC fans have been waiting for. And what Batman V Superman should have been.

Zack Snyder just wrapped on DC Films' Justice League, which will bring the entire DC Comics movie universe together, with all the iconic superheroes living under one roof for the betterment of mankind. With Justice League 2 on hold, Snyder will next direct The Last Photograph. It is a drama about two men and the photograph that inspires them to travel to war-torn Afghanistan. Many believe that Zack Snyder won't return to helm Justice League 2 after being publicly shamed for his sloppy work on Dawn of Justice. But the most recent report from the trades claims he has every intention of returning to finish what he started with the DCEU.

Perhaps Man of Still 2 will eventually happen. But when it does, we believe it won't be directed by Zack Snyder or George Miller, and it's even possible that Kal-El could get a full reboot by the time his next standalone adventure rolls around. If you're missing Superman, the guy has been known to show up on The CW's Supergirl, so fans still have that. In the meantime, enjoy this fan-made Man of Steel 2 trailer, it should tide you over.